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<I>The Coburg Plan</I> is a loving ode to the specificity of Coburg's architecture.

The Coburg Plan is a loving ode to the specificity of Coburg’s architecture. Image: Jessie Scott

The Coburg Plan, a book of photographs and essays documenting a suburb in flux and celebrating its vernacular architecture, will officially launch at Coburg’s The Post Office Hotel on 28 July, as part of the Open House opening weekend.

 The book is the project of video artist, writer, screen producer and Coburg resident Jessie Scott, who began photographing the suburb’s eclectic houses more than six years ago as she walked the streets, accompanied by her dog and baby.

In the process of photographing the houses Jessie became fascinated with details she hadn’t noticed before, with the specificity of Coburg’s architecture.

“It’s architecturally interesting to me [but] it’s probably not that architecturally interesting to the majority of architects,” she said. “What I find interesting is architecture that people can impact themselves. Most architecture we don’t have a lot of influence over as individuals, but in the suburbs people can adapt and change their house over time.”

Jessie Scott’s photographs, taken over the past six years, are accompanied by essays, stories and texts by Timmah Ball, Tilde Joy, Eugenia Lim, Emma McRae, Kyle Weise, Maggie Scott and Ugly Melbourne Houses.

At the launch there will be readings from the texts by Timmah Ball and Emma McRae, and the opportunity to purchase the book.

For further details, head here.

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