Mauro Baracco

Mauro Baracco is a practising architect and a director of Baracco + Wright Architects (B+W). He has a PhD in architecture from RMIT University where he is also an associate professor in the School of Architecture and Design. He was formerly the Deputy Dean of Landscape Architecture (2013-2015) and is currently the Deputy Dean of International – both at RMIT University. Mauro is a member of RMIT’s School of Architecture and Design executive committee and d___Lab/Centre for Design Practice Research through which he leads consulting projects in partnership with industry and government bodies. Mauro is also a Visiting Professor at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Milan Polytechnic, Italy. His research is focused on urban resilience through cross-programming and integration of open and built space, spanning from large/territorial to small/acupuncture scales. Mauro’s projects and writing have been widely published in books and journals (Domus, Abitare, Casabella, A+U, Transition, Architecture Australia among others), exhibited and awarded, and presented at conferences and symposia, both nationally and internationally.

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