Brendan Barrett

Brendan is a research fellow providing urban expertise to the Global Compact Cities Programme at RMIT University. This involves supporting and coordinating urban research and knowledge across participant cities in promotion and adoption of the ten UN Global Compact principles. Located in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, he liaises directly with the cities through the provision of advice, collation of exemplary urban practice and building of networks and partnerships; and through the research and development of support products, services and tools. Brendan also networks with academic and professional colleagues to draw together urban resources and expertise from across RMIT and the Programme’s international partners. Prior to joining RMIT University, Brendan worked with the United Nations in Japan, first with UNEP and then with the United Nations University. He has a background in urban and environmental planning in Europe and Japan, and has written extensively on environmental impact assessment, national and local environmental policy-making, as well as on ecological modernisation. Brendan has visiting associate professorships at the University of Tokyo, Japan, at the United Nations University and the University of Agder, Norway, and is a member of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication.

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