Stephen Choi.

So, we’ve declared a climate and biodiversity emergency. Where to from here?

15 May 2020, Stephen Choi

Stephen Choi outlines how architects – at the most practical level – can save the earth, from deepening our understanding of human behaviour to uniting disconnected habitats and building in resilience.

Those arguing that cities with higher densities can be less vulnerable to pandemics point to Hong Kong as an example.

As coronavirus forces us to keep our distance, city density matters less than internal density

14 May 2020, Elek Pafka

As coronavirus forces us to keep our distance, city density matters less than internal density

Nik Karalis, CEO of Woods Bagot, working from home.

Negotiating an ‘undefined and uncontained’ crisis

6 May 2020, Linda Cheng

Woods Bagot CEO Nik Karalis speaks with ArchitectureAU editor Linda Cheng about his global firm’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Liam Young.

‘Storytelling is a critical act of architecture’: Liam Young

28 Apr 2020, Liam Young

In widening the scope of architecture beyond buildings alone, could architects design the next Hollywood blockbuster or video game landscape?

A proposed social housing demonstration project in Southport, Queensland by Anna O'Gorman.

Why the focus of stimulus plans has to be construction that puts social housing first

27 Apr 2020, Geoff Hanmer

While the response so far has been to focus on “fast-tracking” infrastructure, the current crisis has highlighted a number of pressing social needs, writes Geoff Hanmer.

Federation Square is a major gathering place and locus of public life in Melbourne.

Valuing the civic: the future of Federation Square

23 Apr 2020, Tania Davidge

As the city around Melbourne’s Federation Square continues to evolve, the fundamental value of the square, as the city’s main public, civic and cultural gathering place, must be maintained.

Francis Kéré talking on video.

Panic is not on the agenda: Deerubbin 2020

3 Apr 2020, Rohan Bodman

As COVID-19 began to bite in the middle of March, the Deerubbin architecture conference on a secluded island took on an air of urgency.

Led by Australian designers, Gossamer is proposing projects like the Jing River waterfront that celebrate the site’s history while also emphasizing the vitality of good design.

Australian architects and the future of Chinese cities

2 Apr 2020, Silvia Micheli, Paul Violet

The rapid urbanization of China is opening up significant opportunities for Australian architectural practices.

Architect Richard Harris is a Distinguished Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Architects.

Managing in uncertain times

2 Apr 2020, Richard Harris

Experienced architect and practice leader Richard Harris shares his thoughts on weathering economic hardship.

Prahran Square by Lyons Architecture and Aspect Studios.

Car park to plaza conversion fails to square with locals

1 Apr 2020, Dom Cerantonio

The redevelopment of a supermarket car park in Melbourne’s Prahran promised an inviting and welcoming open space. But local architect Domenic Cerantonio says the result is the exact opposite.

Aerial view of Centennial Park, Sydney.

Public spaces bind cities together. What happens when coronavirus forces us apart?

26 Mar 2020, Tahj Rosmarin

The outbreak of coronavirus and its immediate impacts, such as social distancing, have raised many questions about the role of public space in such times.

Landscape architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom, from Landprocess, shared lessons from Bangkok.

Defiant and spirited: The Architecture Symposium, Brisbane

25 Mar 2020, Laura Harding

At The Architecture Symposium, Brisbane, held on 13 March 2020, eight speakers reflected on the theme of water, refracting their architectural output through its unifying, yet mutable, lens.

Pezo von Ellrichshausen’s structure in Sensing Spaces enabled visitors to climb, via hidden spiral staircases, to the gallery’s ornate ceiling to experience a different perspective.

Curating as a spatial practice

25 Mar 2020, Kate Goodwin, Rory Hyde

London-based designers and exhibition curators Rory Hyde and Kate Goodwin converse on the value of spaces where architecture can be recognized as an integral part of culture.

A double-layer roof at Harivillu 1, completed in 2019 in a rural village in Andhra Pradesh, reduces heat penetration and encourages passive ventilation to mitigage the hot, dry climate.

The Anganwadi Project: From little things, big things grow…

25 Mar 2020, Esther Charlesworth

Esther Charlesworth explores the work of an Australian NGO that recruits skilled architects to volunteer their time to work on preschool centres in India.

Outbreaks like coronavirus start in and spread from the edges of cities

Outbreaks like coronavirus start in and spread from the edges of cities

19 Mar 2020, S. Harris Ali, Creighton Connolly

The ongoing coronavirus is an example of the close relationships between urban development and new or re-emerging infectious diseases.

Te Pae, Christchurch Convention Centre by Woods Bagot with Warren and Mahoney.

In it to win it: procuring projects abroad

17 Mar 2020, Ross Donaldson

What are the challenges and opportunities for Australian architecture practices working internationally? Ross Donaldson, who led the global growth of Woods Bagot, shares his insights.

NSW building certification bill still lets developers off the hook

NSW building certification bill still lets developers off the hook

6 Mar 2020, Geoff Hanmer

The News South Wales government is struggling to implement building industry reforms recommended by the Shergold-Weir report over two years ago.

Nightingale Village by Kennedy Nolan.

Equality, diversity and global challenges

6 Mar 2020, Katelin Butler

The 2020 International Women’s Day gives pause to reflect on what an “equal, enabled” world means in the face of global challenges.

Aureate features small-scale models that make up seven shimmering cityscapes.

All that glitters: Architect creates shimmering miniature cityscapes

28 Feb 2020, Alice Francis

Australian artist and architect John Gatip has created a series of intricate, gilded cityscapes, provoking reflections on the monetary and aesthetic value of our cities.

In the main gallery, the vessels are displayed on a surface composed of forty-five tables designed by John Wardle Architects.

Dialogues and dichotomies of vessels

25 Feb 2020, Cassie Hansen

Cassie Hansen reviews An Idea Needing to be Made, an exhibition of ceramic art that explores the dichotomous still life of the ubiquitous vessel.

House in Country NSW by Virginia Kerridge Architect. Australian House of the Year 2011.

A decade of Australian residential architecture

24 Feb 2020, Marcus Baumgart

Marcus Baumgart reflects on the past decade of Australian House of the Year winners from the Houses Awards, offering an insight into the changing nature of how we live.

Render of Baugruppen at WGV, Perth, designed by Spaceagency Architects. A “live project,” it will allow the design and construction of apartments to be initiated by buyers – a participatory process that is unprecedented in the Australian marketplace.

Housing Diversity: Opportunities for Transformation

14 Feb 2020, Shane Murray

To address contemporary housing challenges, architects will need to take n an “all-of-system” approach to the delivery of the built environment. Shane Murray examines national progress in housing diversity.

Harry Seidler and fellow students at Black Mountain College, North Carolina, USA, 1946.

Thistleblowers: Bauhaus Diaspora and Beyond

12 Feb 2020, Caroline Montague

Caroline Montague explores a new publication that celebrates this iconic movement and the spread of its influence.

The Garma Cultural Knowledge Centre in North East Arnhem Land (2014), built on the land of the Yolngu people and designed by Build Up Design, is an example of a project that combines Indigenous customs with introduced ways to negotiate a creative synthesis.

The Handbook of Contemporary Indigenous Architecture

4 Feb 2020, Julie Willis

Julie Willis reviews this hefty volume which provides a significant snapshot of our understanding of Indigenous architectures throughout the world.

Devaluing care: The issue of unpaid hours

Devaluing care: The issue of unpaid hours

31 Jan 2020, Lynda Simmons

Lynda Simmons discusses how the hours spent ‘working’ and ‘caring’ are divided and how that might affect architecture practices.

Bushfire haze over Sydney.

‘We have a responsibility’: architects make carbon neutral pledge

23 Jan 2020, Linda Cheng

A new initiative has seen a number of Australian architecture practices commit to becoming carbon neutral businesses by the end of 2020.

Aerial photograph of Darwin’s CBD.

Ethical and scientifically sound architectural solutions to the climate crisis

14 Jan 2020, Mattheos Santamouris

Can architecture and construction science influence the regional and global climate crisis and provide credible, scientifically sound and ethical solutions?

Our buildings aren't made to keep out bushfire smoke. Here's what you can do

Our buildings aren’t made to keep out bushfire smoke

14 Jan 2020, Geoff Hanmer

If smoke is particularly thick or goes on for more than a few days, the ventilaton systems in Australian homes are overwhelmed.

Collective action will be needed for truly regenerative bushfire recovery

Collective action will be needed for truly regenerative bushfire recovery

10 Jan 2020, Caroline Pidcock

Architects Declare’s Caroline Pidcock argues that the bushfire crisis is a reminder of the built environment’s role in contributing to, and addressing, the climate crisis.

Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge.

Population and urban infrastructure in the century of cities

10 Jan 2020, Philip Oldfield, Philip Vivian

As the population of Australian cities increases and the earth’s climate shifts as a result of human activity, the way we design our cities must change.

‘It’s not about architects having solutions’: Kim Irons on architecture after the fires

‘It’s not about architects having solutions’: Kim Irons on architecture after the fires

8 Jan 2020, Patrick Hunn

Kim Irons, an architect and former CFA member, cautions patience to those looking to offer aid to those affected by the bushfires.

The Narbethong Community Hall, by BVN and Arup and a number of consultants working pro bono, replaced a centre that was destroyed in the Black Saturday fires in 2009. The hall is wrapped in a bronze mesh fire-resistant screen

Can architects help bushfire-ravaged communities rebuild?

7 Jan 2020, Patrick Hunn

Architects are scrambling to offer their services to bushfire affected communities around Australia. But what role can they realistically play?


A decade in Australian architecture

31 Dec 2019, Linda Cheng

We recount the defining issues, perennial talking points and the most impactful buildings in this review of the past decade.

Blott House (1956) by Robin Boyd.

Celebration, collaboration and conservation: 2019 in review

24 Dec 2019, Editorial Desk AAU

The final year of the decade was a testing one for architects, with a number of urgent issues – building standards, the climate crisis, and the industry’s relationship to Indigenous knowledge – all brought to the fore.

Cloister House by MORQ Architecture.

ArchitectureAU’s most popular houses of 2019

24 Dec 2019, Patrick Hunn

ArchitectureAU looks back at a year of Australian residential architecture and count down the top 10 most clicked-on stories.

What we've been reading in 2019

What we’ve been reading in 2019

20 Dec 2019, Josh Harris

Each year, dozens of books come across the editorial desk at ArchitectureAU, on subjects as varied as modernist houses, indoor plants and eccentric suburban interiors. Here are some of our favourites from 2019.


Australian firms pledge to reach net zero emissions by 2030

13 Dec 2019, Editorial Desk AAU

Two Melbourne practices have signed on to the Net Zero 2030 pledge, pointing to a global certification process as “a roadmap for change.”

Melbourne's temporary concrete bollards quickly turned into a canvas for street art.

Contested public spaces in the age of ‘bollart’

12 Dec 2019, Steve Mintern

Are security bollards an innocuous public safety device, or do they inocculate the public from the contesting interests and forces that govern public space?

Gray Puksand’s five-storey design for Prahran High School accommodates 650 students on a relatively small site.

Vertical schools on the rise

6 Dec 2019, Clare Newton

Growing inner-urban residential populations and land scarcity have created a new typology: the vertical school. How do these schools change the way education is delivered?

Woods Bagot’s 300-metre-long Wynyard Walk reduces the time taken to walk from Sydney’s Wynyard Station to the Barangaroo waterfront from fifteen minutes to six.

Australia’s urban infrastructure: a role for architect design professionals

4 Dec 2019, Kim Crestani

Infrastructure – roads, rail and power supplies – is the lifeblood of our urban existence. Kim Crestani explores the expanding role of the architect in the physical, organizational structures and facilities that support our way of life.

The north-facing steps at 1 Bligh Street (Architectus and Ingenhoven Architects) in Sydney open up the building to the street and provide a public seating area that is warm in winter but cool in summer. Artwork: James Angus, Day In, Day Out, 2011.

Toward a generous skyscraper

3 Dec 2019, Philip Oldfield, Philip Vivian

How can we accommodate our nation’s burgeoning urban population while also responding to the climate crisis?