Architecture Australia, January 1996

Architecture Australia, January 1996

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Archive | 1 Jan 1996

RAIA President

Architecture and society divergingIf, as is often said, architecture is the mother of all the arts, then in years to come the late twentieth century …

Edge Conditions

In competitions for Wagga Wagga and Sydney’s Cockatoo Island, entrants suggest futures for two ambigous sites: an inland lake and a harbour island. Winning schemes are discussed here by Michael Ostwald and Rod Simpson.


Archive | 1 Jan 1996


Flaws at the Edges Recently I visited the newly completed Children’s Hospital for Sydney at Westmead (AA July/August 1995). I struck me as a highly …

Archive | 1 Jan 1996

Street Theatre

Street Theatre at night.Lower Level PlanUpper Level Plan & Lower Level Roof PlanAuditoriumGround floor entry and stairs to dress circle.Review Patrick O`Carrigan Photography Ben WrigleyEntrances …

Archive | 1 Jan 1996


20 Meyers Place, Melbourne, by Six Degrees20 Meyers Place Photography by John Gollings20 Meyers Place Photography by John GollingsMaisy’s Café Photography by Ross HoneysettMore photos …

Archive | Norman Day | 1 Jan 1996

Storey Hall

RMIT’s daring campaign of architectural patronage brings another controversial public building to Melbourne.

Archive | Susan Savage | 1 Jan 1996

Tank House

Deconstruction loosens up on the Gold Coast: Phillip Follent and Craig Channon shoot the breezes with a farmhouse addition for children.

Archive | Peter O'Gorman | 1 Jan 1996

Studio Vista

Seriously braving independent practice, Brisbane’s Alice Hampson sculpts a meticulous studio at home—an enclosed realm with a prospect to the city.


Archive | 1 Jan 1996


What’s been happening? Check this bulletin of newsNational By now a winner should have been announced for the national Aboriginal cultural centre proposed for Acton …

Archive | 1 Jan 1996


Foundations of Identity: Building Early Sydney 1788-1822 By Peter Bridges. Parramatta: A Town Caught In Time, 1870 By Shylie and Ken Brown with Carol Liston …

Archive | 1 Jan 1996


Arts + Industry GalleryA gallery of contemporary design, operated by Arts + Industry and directed by Valerie Austin. At 51 Little Latrobe Street, Melbourne; opened …

Archive | 1 Jan 1996


Collaborating via EmailBy David Week and Howard Davis For the last four years, Professor Howard Davis, an architect now at the University of Oregon, and …

Archive | 1 Jan 1996


City and rural projects on the boards, lately concluded or in the delicate hands of the builders.