Architecture Australia, September 1997

Architecture Australia, September 1997

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Archive | 1 Sep 1997


The ‘energy’ debate hit the public arena in the 1970’s as a result of the oil crisis. Two decades later ecological issues are still prominent …

Archive | 1 Sep 1997

Sydney’s Green Games?

Another Olympic Eco LogicDespite the of key Australian environmentalists from advisory panels, Sydney’s ‘green Games’ strategies have been praised in audits by overseas ecologists. But …

Archive | 1 Sep 1997


No Attempt to Address PurposeI was angered by the article (I cannot call it a ‘review’, as you do) by Peter Zellner of the Alessio …


Archive | 1 Sep 1997


Despite its use of rainforest timber for a facade of exterior louvres, there are strong environmental arguments in favour of Kerry Hill’s naturally ventilated office/shop/apartment …

Archive | 1 Sep 1997

Boathouse Funk

Creative New Zealanders recycle a rowing club into Sydney’s grooviest waterfront dining room. With this hymn to plywood, steel and bamboo, Kiwi designer Glenn Holmes …

Archive | 1 Sep 1997

White Delight

Sydney Architect Julius Bokor brings Riviera sophistication to a brown beach suburb on the NSW central South facade. above Looking south-west across the split …

Archive | Peter Skinner | 1 Sep 1997

Pragmatics for Paradise

Lateral and logical concepts fuse a Great Barrier Island retreat designed by Sydney architect-teacher Tone Wheeler for international intellect-disseminator Edward De Bono.

Archive | Hamish Lyon | 1 Sep 1997

Five Part Harmonics

Establishing authority for Deakin’s campus at Burwood, Wood Marsh and PINK spin a four-pronged pinwheel of lecture blocks around a circular stair tower.


Archive | 1 Sep 1997

RAIA State Awards

Freeman Leeson’s house at Tranquil Bay.Australian Capital TerritoryCanberra Medallions (2): ACT Magistrates Court by MCC and Ansett Visitors Centre at the Australian Institute of Sport …

Archive | 1 Sep 1997


New books at Architext:noted by Davina Jackson.The Fibro Frontier: A Different History of Australian ArchitectureBy Charles Pickett, Transworld/ Powerhouse Publishing, $29.95.Vilified by Patrick White, sneered …

Archive | 1 Sep 1997


morphe: nineteen97Biennial conference for oceanic architecture and design students, at Deakin University, Geelong, Victoria, 6-11 July 1997.Review by Jeff Maasleft Maastricht Academy for the Arts, …

Archive | 1 Sep 1997


Silvester and Henderson’s second-prize scheme for a church of reason conceived on Archigraph. INTERNATIONALIn this year’s Archigraph concepts competition, the second prize went to a ‘church …