Architecture Australia, January 1999

Architecture Australia, January 1999

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If you ever have the chance to see the RAIA Gold Medal, it is inscribed on one side with the RAIA Coat of Arms, and …

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George MolnarRoss ChisholmPeter CorkeryGeorge Molnar, Sydney April 25, 1910–November 16, 1998 Australian newspapers have responded to architect-cartoonist George Molnar’s recent death with substantial articles praising …

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“The architecture profession was never intended to serve the needs of the masses” —Sababu Kaitilla, Queensland. Architects Always ElitistDuring the A.S. Hook address at the …


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Refuge and Prospect

For his debut project, Tasmania-educated Drew Heath has designed and personally built a private library—a nook housing 15,000 books— on a slope overlooking a dramatic …

Archive | 1 Jan 1999

Good vs Evil

In their first built work (apart from an op art garden shed) since graduation, Zahava Elenberg and Callum Fraser have planned a black and white …

Archive | 1 Jan 1999

Penthouse Luxe

Stanic Harding deliver a small-M minimal design for the interior of a two-storey apartment/office atop a boutique tower designed by Peddle Thorp & Walker at …

Archive | 1 Jan 1999

Architecture and Place

This year’s RAIA Gold Medal for life services to architecture is awarded to Richard Leplastrier in Sydney—a charismatic champion, teacher and maker of architecture born from humane values and acute understandings of place.

Archive | James Weirick | 1 Jan 1999

City Link

Buzacott Caro’s King Street Pedestrian Bridge—linking Sydney’s mid-city to Darling Harbour— has been hailed as one of the most refined public works recently built in NSW. Yet it’s threatened by demolition to suit an adjacent development.


Archive | 1 Jan 1999


Twisting the envelope of a Victorian bedroom, Perth architect Gary Marinko has created a matchstick-modern boardroom for a law firm in the mining industry.AboveOverall view …

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BORNEO: SIJAS PLANTATION OIL PALM RESEARCH CENTRE DEM Design Group (the Malaysia office of Devine Erby Mazlin) has designed a research station and visitors centre …

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Noting new books at ArchitextGABRIEL POOLE: SPACE IN WHICH THE SOUL CAN PLAYBy Bruce Walker, Visionary Press, $43. Late in his reign as the RAIA’s …

Archive | 1 Jan 1999


          Lend Lease Property Services has blown up a John Coburn painting to beautify its Renzo Piano construction site in Sydney. …

Archive | 1 Jan 1999


After two years of negotiations under wraps amid public pressure to preserve favourite artworks, the Kennett government has released a developed plan, by Mario Bellini with Metier 3, to renovate the National Gallery of Victoria. Carey Lyon takes a look.