Architecture Australia, March 1999

Architecture Australia, March 1999

Architecture Australia

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Archive | 1 Mar 1999


The changing social and economic circumstances within which we must practice now constantly question the ethical codes we use to guide our professional conduct. With …

Archive | 1 Mar 1999

Danish Architecture Beyond Utzon

New WavesAustralian perceptions of modern Danish architecture have been dominated by three eminences: Jørn Utzon, Henning Larsen and Arne Jacobsen. The first two are still …

Archive | 1 Mar 1999


Harbour Bridge Not DecoIt interests me how a recurring myth keeps being repeated in the press so often that it becomes a truth: that the …


Archive | 1 Mar 1999

Authority & Romance

Another kinked roof distinguishes Stutchbury & Pape’s latest shed: a family retreat poetically nestled into a sloping niche beneath the north-west escarpment of NSW’s Kangaroo …

Archive | 1 Mar 1999

The Sanctuary

On the eve of his return to Adelaide, Troppo’s Phil Harris reveals the office’s latest house in Darwin; a contemporary and water-enhanced version of Bali’s …

Archive | 1 Mar 1999

At the Summit

A Sydney dining icon—revolving around the city skyline and infused with sixties Seidler style—reopens as a more glamorous interpretation of that decade, designed by Burley …

Archive | James Grose | 1 Mar 1999


Architecture-trained sculptor Richard Goodwin delivers a structurally erratic shelter to the roof garden of a landmark Art Deco hotel in North Sydney.

Archive | 1 Mar 1999


A multi-purpose TAFE building with a ground-hugging cross (reminiscent of a survey grid), folded and crumpled like a rural landscape.

Archive | Philip Goad | 1 Mar 1999

Wall Games

After last year’s Robin Boyd win, Durbach Block deliver another lesson in freestyle radial geometry, perspective manipulation and the spatial potential of the sweeping wall.


Archive | 1 Mar 1999


The 40 UP exhibition, launched in Sydney in February, has identified a ‘next generation’ of independent architects and designers with notable built works. Curator Davina …

Archive | 1 Mar 1999


The draft concept for Melbourne’s new Riverside Park, over the railyards beside Federation Square, is not a bad start, suggests James Weirick.The transformation of Melbourne …

Archive | 1 Mar 1999


CHINA: JIANGBEI NEW TOWNThe Australian Pacific Design Group, a multi-discipline team including architects Noel Robinson (Brisbane) and SJPH (Sydney) have been planning the new town …

Archive | 1 Mar 1999


Updates on recent action around Australia’s schools of architecture.Internationally honoured ‘Ballroom for the Devil’ Archigraph concept by UTasmania students Andrew Maynard and Stephen Mees.ADELAIDE The …

Archive | 1 Mar 1999


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