Architecture Australia, January 2013

Architecture Australia, January 2013

Architecture Australia

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RMIT Bundoora West Lecture Theatre by Allan Powell Architects.
Archive | Cameron Bruhn | 21 Feb 2013

AA Jan/Feb 2013 preview

The first thing you’ll notice about the January/February 2013 issue of Architecture Australia is the change to the masthead and cover design. This reflects the …

Archive | Shelley Penn | 1 Jan 2013


Shelley Penn’s foreword to the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Architecture Australia.


Hamer Hall’s riverside levels are cast as a virtual proscenium, with a casual pattern of drapery in its window shaping that seems pulled aside to reveal the life in the foyers and bars.
Projects | Conrad Hamann | 21 Feb 2013

Hamer Hall

ARM Architecture makes a range of functional improvements to Melbourne’s Hamer Hall.

An "interstellar craft come to rest among the campus buildings"?
Projects | Brett Seakins | 9 Apr 2013

RMIT Bundoora West Lecture Theatre

This RMIT building by Allan Powell Architects shows a maturity and restraint often found in genuinely iconic buildings.

The design of Third Wave Kiosk meets recreation and tourist requirements while respecting the coastal environment.
Projects | Jennifer Calzini | 4 Apr 2013

Third Wave Kiosk

Tony Hobba Architects’ beach kiosk at Torquay, Victoria.

The facade has a distinctive web of outer columns.
Projects | Antony Moulis | 13 May 2013

One One One Eagle Street

Experimentation yielded an intriguing Brisbane tower by Cox Rayner Architects.

The dark, striking roof form serves a snow-shedding function.
Projects | Julian Worrall | 1 Jan 2013

Australia House

Japan’s robust Australia House by Andrew Burns shows simplicity is a complex affair.

Gombe-san performing at Australia House opening with Karaoke robot.
The World | Brett Boardman | 12 Feb 2013

Australia House in Japan

Photographer Brett Boardman reflects on his experience shooting Andrew Burns’s opus.

The infinity symbol represents the education of both genders and infinite knowledge.
Projects | Christine Phillips | 30 Apr 2013

The Infinity Centre

A village of learning centres by McBride Charles Ryan looped around a set of courtyards.

Concrete wrapped in polycarbonate refinished in dichroic coating.
Projects | Mark Raggatt | 5 Jun 2013

National Centre for Synchrotron Science

Bates Smart’s National Centre for Synchrotron Science in Melbourne creates the conditions in which to see.


AA Roundtable 08 panel (from left) Michelle Tabet, Donald Bates, Peter Skinner, Tory Jones, and facilitator, Timothy Moore.
Discussion | 26 Mar 2013

AA Roundtable 08

Stories about the people and issues shaping architecture.

One of a series of provocative rendered images that explores the potential of connection from inside out and vice versa.
Discussion | Endriana Audisho | 16 May 2013

Porosity: The Architecture of Invagination

A publication by Australian artist and architect, Richard Goodwin, aims to change our view of cities.

Beatriz Colomina.
People | Niki Kalms and Ari Seligmann | 16 Apr 2013

Beatriz Colomina: Paper architecture

Beatriz Colomina in conversation with Nicole Kalms and Ari Seligmann about new media and architectural ideas.

Aerial view of Moshe Safdie’s groundbreaking Habitat ’67 housing in Montreal.
People | Michael Roper | 26 Oct 2012

Moshe Safdie’s Melbourne interview

The architect behind Monash University’s new school of music talks to Michael Roper.

Lawrence Nield, 2012 Institute Gold Medallist.
Discussion | Lawrence Nield | 1 Jan 2013

Avoiding substance abuse

The 2012 Institute Gold Medallist, Lawrence Nield, reflects on the use of materials and specialization.

Ebenezer Place.
Discussion | Angelique Edmonds | 27 Mar 2013

Social sustainability: the “how” of human experience

Angelique Edmonds argues that design-led public engagement is key to fostering a sense of community.

The joy of daylight.
Discussion | Antony Di Mase | 20 May 2013

Making more of our relationship to light

Opportunities to use daylight in architecture are as abundant as light itself.


Felix (from left): Craig McCormack, Rene van Meeuwen, Matt Delroy-Carr.
People | Ray Edgar | 11 Apr 2013

Profile: Felix

For the directors of multidisciplinary Perth practice Felix, innovation is everything.

Advanced Engineering Building, University of Queensland under construction. Joint venture between Richard Kirk Architect and Hassell.
People | Ray Edgar | 1 Jan 2013

Mark Loughnan & Jad Silvester

After working internationally, two Australian architects find a home at Hassell.


Regularity and strangeness
Discussion | Laura Harding | 25 Mar 2013

Regularity and strangeness

Laura Harding muses on regularity and strangeness in the urban built environment.