Architecture Australia, July 2014

Architecture Australia, July 2014

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Stonehenge Visitor Centre by Denton Corker Marshall.
Archive | Cameron Bruhn | 4 Jul 2014

AA July/August 2014 preview

An introduction to the July/August 2014 issue of Architecture Australia.


Two boxes – one clad in glass, the other in timber – stretch beneath a thin, undulating canopy.
Projects | John Macarthur | 27 Oct 2014

Melting into air: Stonehenge Visitor Centre

Denton Corker Marshall’s Visitor Centre is an ethereal counterpoint to the enduring presence of Stonehenge.

Rather than favouring a lightweight tropical architecture, Charles Wright Architects employs the solidity of concrete to withstand the harsh tropical climate.

Stamp House

A bold tectonic house in the Daintree Rainforest by Charles Wright Architects.

The Aarhus Student Housing in Denmark by Terroir and Cubo Arkitekter.

Aarhus Student Housing

Terroir and Cubo Arkitekter’s youth housing project establishes a new model for social architecture.

Based on a cloister model, the taller blocks step north to south, while transverse blocks are lower to limit overshadowing to the courtyards.
Projects | Andrew Nimmo | 18 Sep 2014

UNSW Kensington Colleges

In this project at UNSW, Bates Smart humanizes the notoriously lean typology of student housing.

PlantBank viewed from the north, with the administration wing on the left and the research wing on the right.
Projects | Andrew Mackenzie | 8 Sep 2014

Australian PlantBank

BVN Donovan Hill gives architectural voice to a botanical ark in Mount Annan, New South Wales.

In lieu of a fenced compound, the Marysville police station features a semitransparent facade that engages with the community.
Projects | Leon van Schaik | 13 Oct 2014

Marysville 16 Hour Police Station

This police station by Kerstin Thompson Architects embodies a domestic and civic conversation.


46 Brooklands Gardens by Nathan Coley (2009).

At the limits of not

Artist Callum Morton and architect Nigel Bertram contemplate the intersection of art and architecture.

Dandenong Precinct Energy Project by PHTR Architects.
People | Nigel Bertram | 14 Oct 2014

Interview with Toby Reed

Toby Reed reflects on his practice at the boundaries between architecture, art and film.

46 Brooklands Gardens in Jaywick, England (2009).
People | Callum Morton | 21 Oct 2014

‘Graveyards are the most legitimate form of public art’: Nathan Coley & Callum Morton in conversation

Callum Morton speaks to British artist Nathan Coley about his practice.

A rammed earth wall in different soil types gives the project a layered, tactile quality.
Projects | Stuart Harrison | 8 Oct 2014

Heavy Metal Retaining Wall

A semipermanent intervention on the front lawn of Tasmania’s MONA by Monash University’s Design-Make program.


Kevin O'Brien Architects
People | Sandra Kaji-O'Grady | 23 Sep 2014

Kevin O’Brien Architects

This Queensland studio explores the friction between robust built form and urban erasure.