Architecture Australia, May 2014

Architecture Australia, May 2014

Architecture Australia

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One Central Park by design architect Ateliers Jean Nouvel and Australian collaborating architect PTW Architects.
Archive | Cameron Bruhn | 2 May 2014

AA May/June 2014 preview

Guest edited by Philip Thalis and Laura Harding, this issue of Architecture Australia examines urban housing.


The Constance Street Affordable Housing scheme features two blocks placed on either side of an open-air atrium.
Projects | Greg Bamford | 11 Jul 2014

Constance Street Affordable Housing

Cox Rayner Architects explores the social and political contribution architecture can make to the city.

The high-profile One Central Park project features a thirty-three-metre cantilevered sky garden and mirror installation. Artwork: Halo by Jennifer Turpin and Michaelie Crawford.
Projects | John de Manincor | 4 Aug 2014

One Central Park

A compelling contribution to Sydney by Ateliers Jean Nouvel and PTW Architects.

From inside, the building emphasizes the long stretch of the distant horizon.
Projects | Andrew Burns | 25 Jul 2014

29–35 Prince Street, Cronulla

A complex and layered multi-residential project by Candalepas Associates.

Goodwood Residence in Singapore consists of two L-shaped blocks arranged around a large lawn, swimming pool and clubhouse facilities.
Projects | Florian Schätz | 8 Aug 2014

Goodwood Residence

A residential development in Singapore by WOHA Architects masters the boundaries between public and private.


Cotton Tree Housing Project, Maroochydore, by Clare Design (1995).
Discussion | Lindsay Clare and Kerry Clare | 16 Jul 2014

Improving the quality of housing

Lindsay and Kerry Clare consider the impact of SEPP 65 planning regulations on residential design in New South Wales.

Highpoint Hurstville, Stanisic Architects.
Discussion | Frank Stanisic | 28 Jul 2014

The rise and rise of urban housing in Sydney

How SEPP65 and limited design competitions are shaping a more liveable Sydney.

Melbourne Terrace Apartments, Nonda Katsalidis (1994).
Discussion | Robert Stent | 28 Jul 2014

Urban housing in Melbourne

Robert Stent considers the history of multi-residential housing in Victoria’s contemporary, global context.


Coffs Harbour caravan park, 1967.
Discussion | Peter Myers | 7 Aug 2014

Is this Roadtown?

Peter Myers wonders if Australia is on the cusp of realising a vehicular ‘utopia’ of endless urbanism.

More articles

Workers' housing, Millers Point, Sydney (1906-1917), an exceptional urban project that synthesises geography, subdivision, public space and housing.
Discussion | Laura Harding and Philip Thalis | 26 Aug 2014

Making the city: Urban housing

The pervasive commodification of urban housing in Australia is creating mean-spirited cities. Can architects do better?