Architecture Australia, September 2015

Architecture Australia, September 2015

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Architecture Australia September/October 2015.
Archive | Cameron Bruhn | 4 Sep 2015

AA September/October 2015 preview

AA September/October 2015 preview


The building’s breezeway is a climactic space that “folds” the building inside out and forms a new heart for the university campus.
Projects | John de Manincor | 18 Jan 2016

Tropical humanism: UQ Oral Health Centre

Cox Rayner Architects employs an impressive level of craft and detail to deinstitutionalize The University of Queensland’s new oral health centre.

Swanston Square’s eastern and southern facades create the black-and-white image of William Barak while the northern and western facades have a multicoloured pattern reminiscent of a topographic map.
Projects | Sandra Kaji-O'Grady | 25 Nov 2015

A marred portrait: Swanston Square

The facade of ARM Architecture’s “Portrait” apartment tower in Melbourne is a worthy civic-minded gesture but, behind it, a dehumanizing financial logic is at play.

The rhythmic and sculptural use of off-form concrete adds visual interest to the building.
Projects | Stuart Vokes | 11 Jan 2016

Inner city tranquility: Pelican Street

Candalepas Associates’ design for Pelican Street offers urban exposure while retaining a sense of privacy.

The house and pathway are on existing clearings in the dense vegetation, leaving canopy trees intact.
Projects | Rowena Hockin | 16 Nov 2015

Rainforest journey: Cape Tribulation House

M3 Architecture’s design for this holiday retreat wisely defers to its dense surroundings on the northern Queensland coast.

The house’s footprint was discovered when the architects identified a place of poor vegetation growth on the coastal site.
Projects | Melanie Dodd | 12 Nov 2015

Subliminal proto-dwelling: Garden House

Baracco and Wright Architects’ Garden House blurs the boundaries between garden and home while redefining what it means to be minimal.

A giant lantern made of washi (Japanese paper) fills the top half of the hotel’s lobby on the thirty-third floor.
Projects | Erwin Viray | 26 Oct 2015

Sense of magic: Aman Tokyo

Kerry Hill Architects offers a sensitive interpretation of traditional Japanese architecture in this delightfully dramatic and welcoming hotel.

The New Learning Centre is sited next to an existing 1990s building, which was built in the same style as the original buildings designed in the 1930s by Sydney architects Edward Fitzgerald and John R. Brogan as part of their winning entry in a national architecture competition.
Projects | Julian Worrall | 13 Jan 2016

Adelaide High School New Learning Centre

With a nod to Adelaide High School’s 1930s design, JPE Design Studio’s New Learning Centre provides flexible and informal learning spaces.

The architects retained the facade of the former Kent Brewery, designed by Maurice Halligan and F. H. B. Wilton and constructed in 1912.
Projects | Ashley Dunn | 22 Oct 2015

Dynamic power: Irving Street Brewery

Tzannes Associates’ adaptive re-use of the former Kent Brewery in the heart of Sydney’s Central Park retains the brick facade and inserts part of a trigeneration plant that powers the neighbourhood.

It's All Around You by Bradley Eastman projected onto the Irving Street Brewery by Tzannes Architects.
Review | Lara Brown | 10 Sep 2015

Lighting installations at Tzannes’ Irving Street Brewery

Beastman and Reko Rennie’s lighting installations at the Irving Street Brewery by Tzannes Architects during the 2015 Vivid Sydney light festival offer futuristic ideas of nature and a political commentary.