Architecture Australia, July 2017

Architecture Australia, July 2017

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Architecture Australia July/August 2017.
Archive | Cameron Bruhn | 30 Jun 2017

AA July/August 2017 preview

The global reach of Australian architecture: An introduction to the July/August 2017 issue of Architecture Australia.


Inspired by the notion of a miniature city, the East Sydney Early Learning Centre is designed to support imaginative play and learning.
Projects | Maryam Gusheh | 18 Oct 2017

A playful ideal: East Sydney Early Learning Centre

An existing building, playground and laneway have been radically recast and creatively integrated, thanks to Andrew Burges Architects’ design for a new childcare and community facility in the densely knit Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst.

Sandwiched between an older-style petrol station and a furniture store, the building is a sculptural marvel in an otherwise featureless road.
Projects | Louise Johnson | 27 Nov 2017

Postmodern petrol station: United Petroleum

This futuristic reimagining of the humble roadside service station as sculptural architecture by Peddle Thorp Architects brings a postmodern statement to Corio, on the industrial outskirts of Geelong.

Hit-and-miss brickwork crowns the public entry, which faces the site’s northern boundary and carpark rather than the street.
Projects | Ashley Paine | 21 Nov 2017

Domesticated commercial: North Lakes Veterinary Hospital

In its design of a veterinary hospital for a rapidly growing suburb north of Brisbane, Vokes and Peters has returned to basics, catering to staff, clients and animals with “precision and care.”

The EY Centre by FJMT.
Projects | Philip Oldfield | 20 Oct 2017

‘Intrinsically Sydney’: The EY Centre

Combining a kinetic timber facade and a typology more often associated with slick glass, FJMT has created this “sublime” office tower that is tuned to the history of its harbour-side site and is “intrinsically Sydney.”

The buildings are arranged in a radial fan geometry, so as to open up views from the city to the harbour and to follow the sun’s trajectory.
Projects | Philip Vivian | 14 Nov 2017

Radial trio: International Towers Sydney

Presenting as three sibling buildings on the city skyline, International Towers Sydney by Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners reconciles a tower and podium dichotomy with robust honesty of expression.

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Bholu 15 Preschool, by Kali Marnane and Niini Soisalo de Mendonça, in Ahmedabad’s Ramapir No Tekro slum, India (2016).
Practice | Kelly Greenop | 7 Mar 2018

Women to the Front: Working in Asia

As part of the Asia Pacific Architecture Forum in Brisbane, the Working in Asia panel discussion was a platform for Australian women in architecture to discuss their approaches to and experiences of international practice.

Bholu 15 Preschool, by Kali Marnane and Niini Soisalo de Mendonça, in Ahmedabad’s Ramapir No Tekro slum, India (2016).
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 9 Apr 2018

Volunteer architects sought for Indian preschool and healthcare facility building project

An Australian organization is looking for volunteer architects for its annual preschool building project in India.