Architecture Australia, September 2017

Architecture Australia, September 2017

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Architecture Australia September/October 2017.
Archive | Cameron Bruhn | 1 Sep 2017

AA September/October 2017 preview

An introduction to the September/October 2017 issue of Architecture Australia.


While the project is calibrated to an international audience, the main building takes its cues from the regional Australian agricultural shed.
Projects | Rachel Hurst | 29 Nov 2017

Sensational and sybaritic: Jackalope

Drawing from mythological and alchemic themes, Carr has curated a sybaritic hotel experience, defined by elemental and evocative materials that celebrate the regional qualities of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

Refreshingly robust: 41 Birmingham
Projects | Alexandra Brown | 27 Feb 2018

Refreshingly robust: 41 Birmingham

Opting for depth and shadow over transparency and lightness, SJB has designed an apartment building for Sydney’s Alexandria that is imbued with drama, richness and unexpected intensity.

North Bondi Amenities by Sam Crawford Architects with Lymesmith.
Projects | Casey Bryant | 25 Oct 2017

Dunny done right: North Bondi Amenities

On a highly conspicuous site on Sydney’s North Bondi beach, Sam Crawford Architects with Lymesmith has artfully integrated a wealth of amenity for beachgoers into this small public building.

A real character: Avery Green
Projects | Fleur Watson | 31 Jan 2018

A real character: Avery Green

Through the intimate reimagining of a small terrace house in Melbourne, Onomatopoeia explores the notion of personhood in architecture – the transformation of Avery Green being guided by “her” character and history.

The hospital’s facade is modulated by tall, narrow forms that take cues from terrace housing.
Projects | Julie Willis | 27 Jun 2018

Angle of repose: Bendigo Hospital

Suffused with a conscious connection to place and community, Bendigo’s new hospital designed by Silver Thomas Hanley and Bates Smart fosters a sense of repose with quiet confidence and civic gravitas.

Patients and visitors arrive at Sunshine Coast University Hospital via a generous civic space.
Projects | Michael Keniger | 24 Oct 2017

Social healing: Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Underpinned by the ethos and architectural language of the Sunshine Coast, this new hospital by Architectus and HDR is a robust response to operational and climatic requirements.

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The massing and articulation of the porthole windows create the impression of a large single residence, as opposed to separate apartments.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 21 Mar 2018

All-round suburban: Cirqua Apartments

With a design described as a “lyrical interpretation” of local building styles, the massing and articulation of this multiresidential project by BKK Architects is sensitive to the scale of its suburban Melbourne context.