Architecture Australia, March 2018

Architecture Australia, March 2018

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Architecture Australia March/April 2018.
Archive | Cameron Bruhn | 9 Mar 2018

AA March/April 2018 preview

The architect’s own home as manifesto: An introduction to the March/April 2018 issue of Architecture Australia.


Frank Gehry’s experimental, exploded bungalow in Santa Monica (1978/1991) is considered to be one of the first deconstructivist buildings.

The activist potential of the architect’s own home

Janina Gosseye and Isabelle Doucet expound on residential architecture’s activist potential and the tensions navigated by architects who design their own domestic projects.

Corps à Corps, Céline Condorelli with architect Dirk Yates and landscape designer Pete Shields for the Institute of Modern Art.
Discussion | Susan Holden and Ashley Paine | 29 Jun 2018

Looking Back, Seeing Through: Contemporary Australian Pavilions

Susan Holden and Ashley Paine examine Australia’s suite of high-profile pavilion programs through the lens of shifting global practices in art and architecture.


With red brick walls draping “like weightless curtains,” the chancery building is the centrepiece of the embassy complex, its undulating form evoking Australian desert landforms.
Projects | Tom Heneghan | 20 Jun 2018

Diplomatic metaphor: Australian Embassy Bangkok

The Australian Embassy Bangkok, designed by BVN, explores the narrative potential of architecture through a visceral juxtaposition of Australian and Thai precedents.

Andrew Power’s House with a Guest Room, located in the coastal New South Wales suburb of Red Head, subscribes to a rigorous classical order.
Projects | Stephen Neille and Simon Pendal | 19 Jun 2018

Palladian rules: House with a Guest Room

In his design of this thoughtful and “radically judicious suburban villa” in coastal New South Wales, Andrew Power has appealed to strict classical sensibilities with artful familiarity and wit.

The house reads as a floating pavilion – an open grassed slope climbs to the first floor, fostering a relationship with the street.
Projects | Christine Phillips | 3 Jul 2018

A considerate bunker: Compound House

In Melbourne’s bayside suburb of Brighton, March Studio’s Compound House offers a considered response to site and planning constraints and continues the firm’s keen interest in experimental fabrication.

In the living room, a window seat looks over the “blessed ancient landscape” through broad, multipaned windows that can completely slide away.
Projects | Philip Goad | 15 Jun 2018

Tribute to a world-wanderer: Captain Kelly’s Cottage

Through a forensic and addictive process of discovery, John Wardle Architects has painstakingly added to and restored this cliffside cottage on Bruny Island with “humble deference” to its history and the world-wanderer who called it home.

Captain Kelly's Cottage by John Wardle Architects.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 28 Nov 2018

John Wardle Architects’ Tasmanian cabin named House Interior of the Year at 2018 Dezeen Awards

Captain Kelly’s Cottage by John Wardle Architects has won at the 2018 Dezeen Awards in London.

International House Sydney by Tzannes.
Projects | Andrew Nimmo | 26 Jun 2018

Touch wood: International House Sydney

This new commercial building in Barangaroo South, designed by Tzannes, celebrates the material, structural and aesthetic qualities of wood and sets a precedent for the use of engineered timber in Australia.

Matt black powdercoating on the projecting entry cylinders – the building’s most monumental aspects – helps them disappear from specific angles.
Projects | Conrad Hamann | 18 Jul 2018

Monash University Biological Sciences Laboratory

A small, unassuming biology pavilion, Harmer Architecture’s Monash University Biological Sciences Laboratory combines austere materiality with expressive geometry to engage with its program and natural surrounds.

The triangular site informed the Gatehouse’s wedge-shaped plan, which comprises a sheltered seating area, toilet facilities and, housed within its apex, an exhibition room.
Projects | Richard Black | 22 Jun 2018

Marking an entrance: Triabunna Gatehouse

Marking arrival at this post-industrial township on Tasmania’s east coast, the Triabunna Gatehouse by Gilby and Brewin Architecture is a “visual feast,” inscribed with complex narratives of a place in flux.

More articles

Northshore Pavilion was designed as an i nformation centre for the Hamilton Reach riverside development, but also doubles as an event space for the local community.
Projects | Alice Hampson | 12 Jun 2018

Metaphorical landscape: Northshore Pavilion

This riverside pavilion by Anna O’Gorman Architecture is an elegant but playful addition to the Northshore Hamilton development precinct and masterfully distils the essence of its maritime surrounds.