Architecture Australia, September 2018

Architecture Australia, September 2018

Architecture Australia

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Architecture Australia September/October 2018.
Archive | Cameron Bruhn | 31 Aug 2018

AA September/October 2018 preview

Local and global recognition: An introduction to the September/October 2018 issue of Architecture Australia.


In the renovated Esme Cahill building, the seven flat arches of the original facade (a reference to Filippo Brunelleschi’s historic foundling hospital in Florence) have been dramatically extruded to create three-dimensional forms that define a large outdoor canopy.
Projects | Laura Harding | 19 Oct 2018

Joynton Avenue Creative Precinct

In this robust work of adaptive re-use, Peter Stutchbury Architecture has reached back into history to transform an ensemble of former hospital buildings in Sydney’s Green Square Town Centre into a dynamic public arts precinct.

Conscious of Perth’s geological bed, the designers sat the new building on a limestone plinth at the site boundary, obviating the need for a fence and incidentally creating a platform on which children can perch.
Projects | Leon van Schaik | 7 Nov 2018

City in miniature: Highgate Primary School New Teaching Building

By responding to site at a variety of scales, Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects has designed a new primary school building in Perth’s Highgate that offers both intimacy and engagement with its inner-suburban context.

The sober plan and existing buildings are overlaid with a cacophony of colour and architectural expression. Landscape architects TCL created terraces on the rooftops and one at street level, featuring Peter Elliott’s relocated Bowen Terrace Loggia.
Projects | Andrew Nimmo | 30 Oct 2018

Setting the stage: New Academic Street

A collaboration between five architectural practices, RMIT University’s New Academic Street revels in diversity as a series of “theatrical stage sets” reinvigorates utilitarian buildings and reconnects them to their urban setting.


Emili Fox and Conrad Johnston, directors of Sydney-based practice Fox Johnston.
People | David Welsh | 9 Sep 2019

Elegant resolutions: Fox Johnston

Fox Johnston shows how the tenets of good design are transferable and a human-focused approach to architecture essential.

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Nestled within an outpost of coastal banksia scrub, the timber boardwalk between camp site and beach zigs and zags to minimize disturbance to the local flora.
Projects | David Neustein | 17 Oct 2018

Walking together: krakani lumi

With care for Country a critical aspect of its design, the krakani lumi standing camp is Taylor and Hinds Architects’ poetic and evocative interpretation of the traditional shelters built by Tasmania’s Aboriginal people.

Beneath the roof, the woven timber structure is pulled dramatically down at two points to create a monumental and generous civic entry.

Taking flight: Bunjil Place

In referencing Bunjil the Creator, FJMT’s Bunjil Place raises ongoing questions about recognition, symbolism and community space.

Monash University Learning and Teaching Building by John Wardle Architects.
Projects | Rachel Hurst | 23 Oct 2018

Monash University Learning and Teaching Building

Curiosity and humility colour John Wardle Architects’ approach to designing this new learning and teaching building at Monash University’s Clayton Campus, where references to the landscape cultivate a rich field of spatial and learning experiences.