Architecture Australia, January 2019

Architecture Australia, January 2019

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The Riverlink Building is part of a broader masterplan to reconnect the parallel corridors of Maitland’s High Street and Riverside Walk.
Projects | Kerry Clare and Sueanne Ware | 15 May 2019

Ebbs and flows: Maitland Riverlink

Chrofi with McGregor Coxall’s revival of the city centre of Maitland, New South Wales, is a sublime lesson in addition and subtraction. Chrofi’s gateway building is a delicate aperture in the otherwise solid streetscape, forging a strong connection between city and river.

The lantern-like entry tower exaggerates the scale of the building and celebrates its structure.
Projects | Roger Mainwood and Stefanie Field | 14 May 2019

Delicately rigged: Les Wilson Barramundi Discovery Centre

Bud Brannigan Architects’ building for a fish hatchery and interpretation centre in Karumba, Queensland is a poetic and uncompromising celebration of the town’s industrial legacy.

In colour, texture and form, the building appears as a geological monolith that belongs to the outback landscape.
Projects | Peter Skinner | 8 May 2019

Ode to an anthem: Waltzing Matilda Centre

Cox Architecture’s Waltzing Matilda Centre is a tribute to the community of Winton, embedded in the rugged landscape that inspired the ballad to which it is dedicated.

The living and sleeping arms of each pod embrace a private deck, providing shelter and privacy.
Projects | Genevieve Lilley | 10 May 2019

Coastal cubbies: Freycinet Lodge Coastal Pavilions

On the east coast of Tasmania, Liminal Architecture has designed a series of sensitive and masterfully crafted accommodation pods that amplify the experience of the distinctive landscape of Freycinet National Park.

A knuckle in the plan establishes the main entry to the buildings and efficiently connects public-facing elements to the laboratory and workshop components.
Projects | Julian Worrall | 6 May 2019

Precisely calibrated: AGT Southern Crop Breeding Centre

Ashley Halliday Architecture Interiors has reinterpreted the shed as a vessel for advanced technology, science and innovation in a new plant breeding and crop research facility.

The new work is clearly articulated off the side of a 1960s red-brick building. A fly roof and colonnade encourage occupation of the outside space.
Projects | Ashley Dunn | 13 May 2019

Civic ambition: Lismore Regional Gallery

In the regional city of Lismore, Dominic Finlay Jones Architects in association with Phil Ward has paired a modest, thoughtful intervention with community-minded thinking to design a thoroughly successful civic space.


Architecture Australia January/February 2019.

AA January/February 2019 preview

Community and contribution: An introduction to the January/February 2019 issue of Architecture Australia.


The Globe, Barcaldine by Brian Hooper Architect, M3 Architecture, architects in association (2015)
Discussion | Helen Norrie | 28 May 2019

Reframing the regional conversation

Regional towns and cities have historically been the backbone of Australia, yet they currently represent a blindspot in urban thinking. In a series of essays to be published on ArchitectureAU over the coming weeks, guest editor Helen Norrie examines the initiatives that are reframing the perceived limitations of smaller populations and geographical dislocation to present compelling alternatives to life in major urban centres.

Geelong waterfront.
Discussion | Helen Norrie | 5 Jun 2019

Regional initiatives: betting on collaboration

In the third in a series of essays that pick apart regional architecture in Australia, Helen Norrie turns her eye to a number of initiatives that hope to transform perceptions of regional life.

The MG/GT administration building in Kununurra, Western Australia by CODA Studio and Mark Phillips Architect (2013) services two Indigenous organizations in the wider Kimberley Region.
Discussion | Kieran Wong | 24 May 2019

Working in Indigenous communities: Fourth World problems

Kieran Wong laments the failings inherent in procuring essential work for Indigenous communities, a process in which politics, bureaucracy and a misguided push for innovation inhibit empowerment and reconciliation.

Large, angular sunhoods ameliorate the visual experience of an otherwise typical industrial shed in the design of MPH HQ (1018), enhancing the public value of a commercial building.
Discussion | Sue Dugdale | 22 May 2019

Alice Springs: On edge in the centre

Architect Sue Dugdale, who works and lives in Mparntwe, or Alice Springs, describes a “ a town with edges” with “multiple levels and types of anxiety” that define the town’s built and social fabric.

TPG Architects' extensions to and heritage adaptation of the School of Arts, Cairns Museum building (2017) restore the city's oldest public building while also adding a new chapter to the building's story.
Discussion | Shaneen Fantin | 20 May 2019

A portrait of regional practice

Shaneen Fantin speaks with practitioners in far north Queensland to discuss flexible practice models, working with government and the profits and pitfalls of collaboration.

Community consultation during the design development of Wanarn Clinic.
Discussion | Timothy O’Rourke | 27 May 2019

Architecture for Indigenous healthcare in the regions

Timothy O’Rourke reports on a current study investigating Indigenous perceptions and experiences of healthcare design in order to increase the efficacy of cross-cultural design in healthcare architects.

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Programmatic shifts are expressed externally, signalling the transition from barn to shed and alluding to the collection of buildings that typically characterize farm settings.
Projects | Jennie Officer | 30 Apr 2019

Crème de la crème: The Creamery, Bannister Downs Dairy

In its expansion plan for a successful dairy business based in Northcliffe, Western Australia, Bosske Architecture has explored the architectonic potential of the farm, finding a solution that is utilitarian and agricultural, yet corporate and spectacular.