Architecture Australia, January 2020

Architecture Australia, January 2020

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Led by Australian designers, Gossamer is proposing projects like the Jing River waterfront that celebrate the site’s history while also emphasizing the vitality of good design.

Australian architects and the future of Chinese cities

The rapid urbanization of China is opening up significant opportunities for Australian architectural practices.


The museum and a cultural park have been built in the Binhai New Area on land reclaimed from Bohai Bay over the past decade.
Projects | Cameron Bruhn | 23 Mar 2020

Shells, sails and upturned hulls: National Maritime Museum of China

China’s first comprehensive maritime museum, located ouside Tianjin, at once reflects contemporary globalism, the marine history of the local area and a profoundly Australian style of architecture rooted in landscape metaphors.

Venerating the natural context, the architects opted to break the project’s scale down to a granular cluster of five pitched-roofed blocks.
Projects | Rory Hyde | 28 Apr 2020

A ‘coats on’ experience: Windermere Jetty Museum

Perched on the shore of England’s largest lake, a “living museum” dedicated to the preservation of maritime craft and tradition articulates and stitches together the many narratives of its place.

The front facade, adjacent to the tram station and demarcated by white concrete, acts to funnel visitors into the entrance, from which the library’s internal functions then unfold.
Projects | Donald Bates | 21 Apr 2020

A fitting bookend: Luxembourg National Library

The new national library of Luxembourg is a complex and multifaceted structure where the deftness of the architect’s illustrative hand has resulted in a flowing sequence of spaces that beckons the community.

Chapel and Meditation Room in Portugal by Studio Nicholas Burns.
Projects | Vera Sacchetti | 13 Mar 2020

Sacred ambition: Chapel and Meditation Room

Sited among the millennia-old hills and boulders of northern Portugal, this ensemble of spiritual buildings reflects an ambitious set of intentions – to call upon an elemental sense of time, of seasons and of place.

The ensemble forming the resort’s main entrance – a door set in a severe stone-clad box, approached along a tree-lined axis – has a temple-like quality.
Projects | Geoffrey London | 6 Apr 2020

History with modern luxury: Amanyangyun Shanghai

In its expansive yet judiciously ordered design for a hotel near Shanghai, this Perth- and Singapore-based practice demonstrates its experience in Asia and its ability to integrate ancient and new.

The hotel’s two-storey accommodation villas are positioned radially across the site, with chasms between them framing views of the mountains in one direction and the sea in the other.
Projects | Thomas Mckenzie | 30 Mar 2020

‘Necessary and motivating’: The Tiing

On the north coast of Bali, a new hotel responds intuitively to its local context, with accommodation carefully angled to reflect the balance of Balinese life between the mountains and the sea.

While the darkness of the roof cavity appears to extend space vertically, the living room at the back of the house creates a sense of depth.
Projects | Julian Worrall | 16 Mar 2020

In praise of shadows: Terrace House near Demachiyanagi

Atelier Luke’s diminutive Japanese-Australian architectural hybrid reconstitutes the fabric of the original townhouse in a respectful yet compelling way, creating spaciousness as much through darkness as through light.


Jefa Greenaway and Tristan Wong.
People | Patrick Hunn and Josh Harris | 28 Jan 2020

Venice Biennale 2020 Australian Pavilion preview: In | Between

Architecture Australia catches up with the curators of the Australian Pavilion at the 2020 Venice Architecture Biennale.

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Pezo von Ellrichshausen’s structure in Sensing Spaces enabled visitors to climb, via hidden spiral staircases, to the gallery’s ornate ceiling to experience a different perspective.
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Te Pae, Christchurch Convention Centre by Woods Bagot with Warren and Mahoney.
Discussion | Ross Donaldson | 17 Mar 2020

In it to win it: procuring projects abroad

What are the challenges and opportunities for Australian architecture practices working internationally? Ross Donaldson, who led the global growth of Woods Bagot, shares his insights.

A double-layer roof at Harivillu 1, completed in 2019 in a rural village in Andhra Pradesh, reduces heat penetration and encourages passive ventilation to mitigage the hot, dry climate.

The Anganwadi Project: From little things, big things grow…

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Liam Young.
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Melanie Dodd.
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