Artichoke, March 2010

Artichoke, March 2010


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Art and Architecture: Strategies in Collaboration.
Discussion | Melanie Joosten | 30 Jun 2011

Art and Architecture

The only meeting of art and architecture needn’t be an abstract sculpture in a building forecourt or a polite artwork on a boardroom wall.


The meat is prepared on-site, behind glass.
Projects | Sandra Kaji-O'Grady | 1 Mar 2010

Victor Churchill

Dreamtime Australia Design crafts a serious and visceral essay in butchery as high art in Sydney.

Timber screens provide privacy to lounge areas without blocking light and views.
Report | Marcus Trimble | 1 Mar 2010

Leo Burnett

Hassell designs a creative space for a creative agency and curates the mess.

A scene from Peter Greenaway’s cinema classic The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover starring Richard Bohringer, Michael Gambon and Helen Mirren.
Discussion | Rachel Hurst | 1 Mar 2010

Design for eating

Eating out is often an indulgent pleasure that deserves a correspondingly lavish setting.

SMXL by Fabio Ongarato Design with Hassell.
Discussion | Melanie Joosten | 1 Mar 2010

Restaurant identity

They all have tables, chairs, attentive wait staff and great food – so what makes a destination restaurant stand out from its neighbours?

Seeing your food: lighting
Discussion | Paul Beale | 1 Mar 2010

Seeing your food: lighting

Essential ingredients in a good lighting scheme to get a tasty outcome.

The sound of dining: acoustics
Discussion | Keith Hewett | 1 Mar 2010

The sound of dining: acoustics

Acoustic advice can make a major contribution to the ambience of a bar or restaurant.

Designing big: the public face of private dining
Discussion | Simon Swaney | 1 Mar 2010

Designing big: the public face of private dining

How diners engage with the dynamics of a large restaurant space.

Bistro Guillaume.
Discussion | Paul Hecker | 1 Mar 2010

Designing small: dining for one

Eating out alone is now commonplace and can be a pleasurable experience.

Hecker Phelan & Guthrie’s Outpost.
Projects | 1 Mar 2010


Hecker Phelan & Guthrie’s Outpost serves as a kind of self-contained settlement.

Sideplate by Tribe Studio Architects.
Projects | 1 Mar 2010


A tiny restaurant in suburban Sydney by Tribe Studio.

Report | 1 Mar 2010


A tiny cafe in Darlinghurst by Rory the Architect.

Soban restaurant.
Projects | 1 Mar 2010


A Korean restaurant designed by Studio MKZ.

The Penny Royal.
Report | 1 Mar 2010

The Penny Royal

The Penny Royal reflects a lasting interest in the small cafe as an extension of the house. And like the private spaces we inhabit, it …

The futuristic wall art is designed by Brendan Elliott of B&Co.
Projects | Christine Phillips | 1 Mar 2010

Lord of the fries

A space-age future meets urban industry in this loudly branded vegetarian fast-food franchise.

The monochrome wallpaper was created from Fin de Siecle botanical illustrations of produce.
Projects | Mark Scruby | 1 Mar 2010

Pizza Farro

A pizzeria in Melbourne’s inner north looks to the recent past to create future nostalgia.

Large north-facing windows flood the cafe with natural light.
Report | Emily Potter | 1 Mar 2010

Bond Street Cafe and Wine Bar

Chris Connell focuses on space and form with a black-on-black approach for this Melbourne cafe.

The repeated angle decoration of the restaurant logo and lightboxes can be seen in the set of the bamboo floor.
Report | Johan van Schaik | 1 Mar 2010

Charcoal Lane

Mission Australia’s training restaurant finds optimism in the history of its location.

More articles

Installation view of Light Construction exhibition, 2008.
Discussion | Tai Snaith | 1 Mar 2010

Center for Cosmic Wonder

A first-hand account of the photosynthesis of art, fashion and retail.

The lighting scheme in the reception area takes its colour cues from the company’s extensive rock collection.
Projects | Niki Kalms | 1 Mar 2010


First impressions count in Carr Design’s new workplace for Minerals and Metals Group.

Exhibition-goers design and make their own paper fashion ranges.
Discussion | Naomi Stead | 1 Mar 2010

Easton Pearson

The Gallery of Modern Art finds that the true centre of its latest exhibition is behind the scenes.

Coloured sunshine streamed through stained glass windows.
The World | Peter Bennetts | 1 Mar 2010

St Mark’s Church

Final pictures of a postwar building.