Artichoke, June 2012

Artichoke, June 2012


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Design Institute of Australia national president Oliver Kratzer.
People | Oliver Kratzer | 17 Oct 2012

The wrong stuff: at risk of risk-aversion

A pep-talk from Oliver Kratzer on gathering gumption and business vision.


Peter the stuffed dog, an important exhibit in the 1952 murder trial of his owner, welcomes visitors.
Discussion | Margie Fraser | 16 Oct 2012

Cabinet of Curiosities

A Museum of Brisbane exhibition assembles local artefacts and collected curiosities into an Alice-in-Wonderland voyage of discovery.

Artichoke Night School No. 7 at the Space showroom, Melbourne.
Discussion | 10 Oct 2012

Artichoke Night School No. 7: Fashion interiors

Jenny Mills, Grace Mcquilten and Mark Simpson on fashion interiors and the future of retail design.

Portrait of Fenella Kernebone, Art does 
belong by Nick Stathopoulos, finalist in the 2012 Archibald Prize.
People | Penny Craswell | 14 Aug 2012

Fenella Kernebone talks By Design

Meet Fenella Kernebone, presenter of ABC Radio National’s By Design.

Eat Me: Appetite for Design.
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 1 Jun 2012

Eat Me: Appetite for Design

The product, packaging, art, branding and interiors documented in this book are simply mouth-watering.

Lux: Lamps and Lights
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 1 Jun 2012

Lux: Lamps and Lights

Lighting design is creative and considered, with many designers making a name for themselves with their lighting creations.

After Taste: Expanded Practice in Interior Design
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 1 Jun 2012

After Taste: Expanded Practice in Interior Design

A book that explores that subjective thing called taste and how it fits into the interior design world.


Black wall panels contrast with white limestone flooring in reception.
Projects | Penny Craswell | 3 Oct 2012

Burbury Hotel

KRM’s new black-and-white Burbury Hotel in Canberra is grown-up and gimmick-free.

A luxurious hybrid between hotel room and private villa.
Projects | Cameron Bruhn | 8 Jan 2013

Hepburn at Hepburn

In the heart of Victoria’s spa country is a series of interlocking, timber-clad duplexes with interiors by David Hicks.


Seven sensible sayings for green interiors
Ideas | Tone Wheeler | 1 Jun 2012

Seven sensible sayings for green interiors

Much has been made about sustainable architecture in the last few years, but how do you determine what is ‘green’.

Ideas | Esther Anatolitis | 1 Jun 2012

Design philosophy and ethical consumption

Ethics and design go hand in hand. As a way of thinking design is about what we value and how we express those values .

Ideas | Kirsty Mátè | 1 Jun 2012

Retail futures via reduction and production

Retail stores consume. They consume products and services, energy, materials, water and lots of money.

Ideas | Alisa Moss | 1 Jun 2012

Materials selection for healthy environments

Most of us spend 90 percent of our lives indoors, with more time spent at work than at home.

High-tech materials such as metal and glass sit alongside heritage columns.
Projects | Deborah Niski | 1 Jun 2012


Contemporary, high tech design is contrasted with heritage grandeur at FEX, a media hub and television studio in Sydney.


The arch and screen motifs are clearly visible from the street.
Projects | Marcus Baumgart | 26 Oct 2012

Oscar & Wild

A cultural link makes the fashion statement at a Melbourne boutique by Matt Gibson Architecture and Design.

The ground floor entry is lofty and grand, and features original heritage columns.
Projects | 1 Jun 2012

Louis Vuitton

The signature toffee and chocolate palette of Louis Vuitton provides a unifying flavour at the brand’s new Sydney Maison.

A  blue-coiffed lady gaga figure reclines 
on a floor of mirrored black crystals.
Projects | Shonquis Moreno | 1 Jun 2012

Gaga’s workshop

Art collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus brought the wild aesthetic of pop star Lady Gaga to life with this series of installations at Barneys New York.

The 1920s-style steel-framed shop window is embellished red a velvet curtain.
Projects | Tobias Horrocks | 15 Jan 2013


Theatrical staging was the inspiration for Melbourne’s Lulamae boutique by Breathe Architecture.

Michelangelo busts in the David Jones menswear window by AZB Creative.
Projects | Cassie Hansen | 1 Jun 2012

Windows by Design

Sixteen fun shop windows were curated by Alex Zabotto-Bentley of AZB Creative for this year’s L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Colour and texture have been used to make the store feel personal, homely and curated.
Projects | Deborah Niski | 1 Jun 2012

My Catwalk

DesignOffice’s interiors for the My Catwalk fashion boutique in Sydney’s Double Bay.

The marble inlay in the floor is a direct reference to italy’s architectural history.
Projects | 1 Jun 2012


Contrasting materials and sharp, white curves characterize the new Versace store at Westfield Sydney. The project, by Crone Partners in Australia, is the second store …

Aviary includes references to the bowerbird, Yves KlEIn, Bruce Goff, Gio Ponti, tepees and Papua New Guinean weaving.
Projects | Niki Kalms | 1 Jun 2012


Studiobird’s Matthew Bird has melded set design with an installation approach to create a dynamic stage for Aviary.

Visitors can try steering the three-masted iron barque vessel.
Discussion | Marg Hearn | 21 Jan 2013

Polly Woodside

An interactive exhibition by Tandem Design Studio uses current curatorial practice.

A Day in the Life

A day in the life: Hamish Guthrie
People | 9 Aug 2012

A day in the life: Hamish Guthrie

Interior designer Hamish Guthrie of Melbourne duo Hecker Guthrie loves projects “where the clients come along for the ride”.

More articles

A panel behind reception lit with LED in vibrant colour.
Projects | Sing d'Arcy | 28 Sep 2012

The Darling Hotel

An international style defines the Darling Hotel by Cox Richardson and DBI Design for Sydney’s revamped Star City Casino.

Aro collection.
Product | 16 Aug 2012

Artichoke’s hotel collection

Hotel design fittings from Artichoke 39.

The level-11 lobby with original marble inlay flooring.
Projects | Penny Craswell | 11 Aug 2012

Manchester Unity Building

Built in 1932 as a beacon of hope during the Depression, Melbourne’s gothic, art deco masterpiece has been restored.

Barcelona chair from Knoll.
Object | 1 Jun 2012

Artichoke’s six art deco survivors

Six design classics from the 1930s still in production today.