Houses, April 2010

Houses, April 2010


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.

Book reviews

Architectus: between order and opportunity
Discussion | 1 Apr 2010

Architectus: between order and opportunity

A comprehensive volume of the work by architectural firm Architectus.

Climate Design: Design and Planning for the Age of Climate Change
Discussion | 1 Apr 2010

Climate Design: Design and Planning for the Age of Climate Change

Climate Design aims to unpack all the issues relating to a deep sustainability.

Mark Strizic Melbourne: Marvellous  to Modern
Discussion | 1 Apr 2010

Mark Strizic Melbourne: Marvellous to Modern

Melbourne of the 1950s was a city of possibility and Strizic’s images capture this collision of the old world and the new.

In Focus

Recycled bricks are artfully arranged to demonstrate the reverse-brick veneer construction as a feature in the living room.
Discussion | Tobias Horrocks | 1 Apr 2010

Harmony 9

What happens when housing developers start thinking green?

Leplastrier/Lambert house, 1994, by Rick Leplastrier. Exemplifies the possibilities of verandah living in Australia.
Discussion | Katelin Butler | 1 Apr 2010

Built for the bush

An exhibition explores the role of materials in architecture and how these elements contribute to sustainable housing types.


A north-facing deck is connected to the kitchen and dining area.
Projects | 1 Apr 2010

Asset Bank

A townhouse development by Neometro infuses warehouse styling into neat domestic volumes.

The kitchen is located adjacent to the central courtyard.
Projects | Peter Salhani | 1 Apr 2010

Cottage Industrial

Tzannes Associates reconfigures a nineteenth-century house and workshop into a series of flexible living spaces.

Warm Grigio Genere tiles are featured in all living spaces, paired with clean white walls and joinery, making for a subtle and classic interior.
Projects | Peter Davies | 1 Apr 2010

Opulent Eyrie

High above the South Yarra skyline a penthouse’s spaces indoor and out are infused with a sober sense of luxury.

Both houses are oriented toward impressive views of the Derwent River.
Projects | Judith Abell | 1 Apr 2010

Shared Space

Two modest homes, linked by a communal space for eating, playing and sharing, flirt with new ideas of public and private space.

The imperfect red surfaces of the bricks provide a warm counterpoint to the white walls and joinery in the kitchen, dining and living zones. The enclosed stair leads to the bedrooms above.
Projects | Mark Scruby | 1 Apr 2010

Material connection

Confronting the limitations of an existing Edwardian, Zilka Studio has fashioned an elegant extension enclosed by curtains of vintage brickwork.

Tessellated tiling finishes the internal courtyard and the facade.
Projects | Elana Castle | 1 Apr 2010

Three-part harmony

A complex arrangement of spaces over three levels cleverly resolved by Carterwilliamson in Sydney.


The extension sits behind the classic bullnose facade of this 1860s Victorian cottage in Williamstown.
Projects | Annie Reid | 24 Aug 2011

Enlivened heritage cottage

Occupied by the same family for four generations, this Victorian cottage boasts a new rear extension by AIGP.


Multimodal seating inspired the design of the Table, Bench, Chair (2009) by Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility.
People | Anne-Maree Sargeant | 1 Apr 2010

Established & Sons

In five years, Britain’s Established & Sons has gained a solid footing as the go-to guys for edgy design.

In Profile

Armstrong house 2002. The freestanding studio addition extends away from the house to nestle amongst the lush greenery of the site.
Discussion | Sheona Thomson | 1 Apr 2010

Sensory appeal

Michael Banney and Michael Lavery of m3architecture answer the question, What is it about houses that makes us feel?


1 house = 1000 homes
Discussion | Katelin Butler | 1 Apr 2010

1 house = 1000 homes

A project with a seemingly simple premise: for Australian property owners to help those in the world’s poorest countries.