Houses, February 2010

Houses, February 2010


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.

In Focus

Roof Retreat – Formply joinery containing a cache of wardrobe items forms the ordered storage for the bedroom.
Discussion | Peter Sackett | 1 Feb 2010

Fitting Accommodations

Four architects design bespoke joinery elements that transform a quartet of houses, new and old, demonstrating attention to detail.


Slot windows in the facade reference both Ned Kelly’s armour and an Arabic burqa.
Projects | Peter Sackett | 1 Feb 2010

Seeing Red

Silhouetted on a ridge in Victorian farmland, this angular outpost smoulders in quiet contemplation of the roo-dotted landscape.

An oblong glazed wall floods the space with diffuse light.
Projects | Sheona Thomson | 1 Feb 2010

Raw Elements

Majstorovic Architecture crafts heavy masonry block and a palette of unfinished materials into a secluded fortress for two.

Overhanging masonry functions as both an 
off-street double car park and an alfresco dining area.
House | Annie Reid | 1 Feb 2010

Suburban Verve

Architect David Luck inserts bold new structures to increase the useability of an Edwardian cottage in inner-city Melbourne.

The kitchen flows seamlessly to outdoor entertaining areas.
Projects | Eugenie Keefer Bell | 7 Nov 2011

A Forrest Clearing

An art deco home in Canberra, extended by Collins Caddaye Architects.

The addition stretches out from the centre of the house.
Projects | Jenna Reed Burns | 1 Feb 2010

Domestic Arrivals

Sydney-based duo Noxon Giffen transform an ordinary 1960s brick house into an extraordinary destination.

The eastern end of the house is characterized by cut-out shapes, spaces that fold into each other and natural light mediated by double glazing.
Projects | Annie Reid | 1 Feb 2010

Ma Cerise

Fiona Dunin transforms a Victorian terrace with a kaleidoscope of colour and a layering of creative joinery elements.

Shag-pile rugs and linen upholstery accompany wipe-clean joinery.
Projects | Jane Burton Taylor | 1 Feb 2011

Sun Screened

A Tamarama house by Luigi Rosselli with a neat program of spaces and more than a touch of seafaring glamour.

The northern facade opens up to the garden and light.
Projects | Helen Norrie | 4 Jan 2013

Close Quarters

Architect Richard Lee takes a tangled Hobart cottage and weaves it anew back into the fabric of its historic neighbourhood.

Book reviews

Desert Architecture
Discussion | 1 Feb 2010

Desert Architecture

Domestic projects in arid conditions.

Antoni Gaudi: Complete Works
Discussion | 1 Feb 2010

Antoni Gaudi: Complete Works

A fat little book cataloging each of the Catalonian architect’s masterworks.

Build-on: Converted Architecture and Transformed Buildings
Discussion | 1 Feb 2010

Build-on: Converted Architecture and Transformed Buildings

Transformations that create a dialogue between the past, present and future.

The Iconic House: Architectural Masterworks since 1900
Discussion | 1 Feb 2010

The Iconic House: Architectural Masterworks since 1900

The Iconic House lines up the most important houses of the past century.

1000 Interior Details For The Home And Where To Find Them
Report | 1 Feb 2010

1000 Interior Details For The Home And Where To Find Them

A colour catalogue of 1,000 clever and exciting domestic products for every room in the house.

Extreme Architecture: Building For Challenging Environments
Discussion | 1 Feb 2010

Extreme Architecture: Building For Challenging Environments

A collection of buildings designed for hostile environments.

Collection: Houses by Michelle Galindo.
Discussion | 1 Feb 2010

Collection: Houses

An international collection of houses.


The Obelisk sofa is manufactured by Allermuir.
People | 1 Feb 2010

Ross Didier

Internationally renowned Melbourne designer Ross Didier creates pieces for some of the world’s biggest furniture manufacturers.

In Profile

WW House – Green, white and grey patchwork rectangles on the facade are like a traditional buzz-cut front lawn that has been folded and pinned to the house.
Projects | Lynn Churchill | 1 Feb 2010

Pas De Deux

Perth architects Kieran Wong and Emma Williamson of CODA Studio talk about their catalogue of Western Australian houses.


Alex and David in their 1970s house.
Archive | Sarah Warner | 1 Feb 2010

Old friends

Suiting its original owners perfectly, a 1971 Melbourne home endures as an authentic retro gem.