Houses, December 2011

Houses, December 2011


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Jeremy Unger, Edmund Spencer, Victoria Judge and William Smart.
People | Freya Lombardo | 8 Feb 2012

Smart Design Studio

A studio interested in exploring ways to enhance people’s lives through design.

Solid wood.
Discussion | 13 Feb 2012

Material palette: Smart Design Studio

Smart Design Studio shares some favourite materials and products.


Interiors: Australia and New Zealand
Discussion | 14 Feb 2012

Interiors: Australia and New Zealand

A comprehensive and inspiring reference of interior design in Australia and New Zealand today.

WOHA: Selected Projects Vol. 1
Discussion | 10 Feb 2012

WOHA: Selected Projects Vol. 1

Patrick Bingham-Hall discusses key projects from Singapore-based WOHA Architects.

Architecture Now! Houses 2
Discussion | 16 Feb 2012

Architecture Now! Houses 2

This book shares the stories behind a broad range of some of the world’s most amazing houses and their designers.

Discussion | 17 Feb 2012


This book allows readers a rare glimpse into the collections and properties of the Historic Houses Trust.


Bandy tables by Jardan.
Product | 20 Aug 2012

Red hot

Household products from Houses 83.

Around the house
Product | 21 Aug 2012

Around the house

Household products from Houses 83.

The Freetown outdoor rug collection from Tappeti.
Product | 23 Aug 2012

Under foot

Flooring and rugs from Houses 83.


The site plan, ground floor plan and first floor plan for Dalkeith House.
Discussion | Stuart Harrison | 21 Feb 2012

Site analysis for sustainability

Thinking sustainably should begin at the most preliminary design phase – site analysis.

The form of the Dalkeith House is articulated to allow wind to penetrate deep into the house.
Discussion | Adrian Iredale | 21 Feb 2012

Sustainable case study: Dalkeith House

A case study highlighting sustainable site strategies.


The negative curve of the roof is simple yet powerful.
Projects | Lynn Churchill | 3 Feb 2012

Silver Creek House

An exploration of the idea of openness and how this might affect the way the owners experience climate and landscape.

A window seat stretches along the northern edge of the dining room, with a multi-paned window framing a wall of greenery outside.
Projects | Cassie Hansen | 14 Feb 2012

Armadale Residence

Wonder brings youth and fervour to the interior of this Edwardian house.

The glazed walls of the kitchen peel away to form a carved-out shell of wall and roof.
Projects | Margie Fraser | 22 Feb 2012

Gordon Park Residence

A new pavilion attached to the rear of a suburban Brisbane house creates a series of interlocking, varied spaces for living.

The apartment interiors have ample natural light from the floor-to-ceiling double glazing.
Projects | Marcus Baumgart | 29 Feb 2012

George Apartments

This Melbourne development represents how good design can make apartment living even more appealing.

This boathouse hasn’t been “so much built as carved out of the sandstone” to provide a place from which to enjoy the waterfront.
Projects | David Welsh | 8 Mar 2012

Point Piper Boathouse

This boathouse by Andrew Burges Architects provides a direct yet elegant connection to Seven Shillings Beach.

This new rear elevation pays tribute to the familiar suburban pattern of gable roofs.
Projects | Bonnie Herring | 22 Mar 2012

North Carlton Residence

This existing terrace has been refined and elongated to create a voluminous and light living environment.

A window into a courtyard on the lower ground level acts as a light well.
Projects | Ted Quinton | 24 Aug 2012

Split House.

The renovation of a Sydney terrace house by Marsh Cashman Koolloos offers a series of interconnected spatial experiences.

The strikingly modern street elevation is “confident of its place.”
Projects | Marcus Trimble | 27 Aug 2012

Surry Hills House

Marcus Trimble reviews a tiny Sydney terrace made modern by Anthony Gill Architects.

A minimalist material palette serves as a backdrop to artworks and antiques.
Projects | Margie Fraser | 29 Aug 2012

Genkan House

The calm spaces of this Queensland house are inspired by art galleries and Japanese design.

The exterior reads as a refined series of boxes.
Projects | Mark Scruby | 30 Aug 2012

Neil Residence

This Melbourne home by Neil Architecture is designed according to its relationship with its outdoor spaces.

The corner of the new additions peels away to an outdoor setting.
Projects | Sue Barnsley | 15 Mar 2012

Glass Loggia House

With a past life as a private zoo, this house and garden are full of eccentricity and delight.


A Bedtime Story pillowcases – part of a collaboration with David Shrigley.
People | Rowena Robertson | 21 Aug 2012

Studio: Third Drawer Down

Founder Abi Crompton talks about the Melbourne gallery and collaborating with other artists.

Studio: Kristian Aus
People | Penny Craswell | 21 Aug 2012

Studio: Kristian Aus

In his Sydney studio, illustrator and industrial designer Kristian Aus creates comical characters for the home.


The walled courtyard is a “dramatic architectural moment.”
Projects | Katelin Butler | 30 Aug 2012

Phillip Island House (1983) revisited

A Denton Corker Marshall exercise in monumentality and restraint.


2011 Robin Boyd Award: Castlecrag House by Neeson Murcutt.
Award | Katelin Butler | 1 Dec 2011

2011 National Architecture Awards: Residential Accolades

The Australian Institute of Architects’ 2011 National Architecture Awards were recently presented at MONA in Hobart, Tasmania. Here, we take a look at the winners of the residential category.

More articles

Robin Boyd’s 1954 Marriott House, Flinders.
Discussion | Fleur Watson | 20 Aug 2012

Boyd’s Peninsula Houses

Fleur Watson, a co-exhibitor at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale, reviews an exhibition of Robin Boyd houses.

The installation was simultaneously “a game, a musical instrument and a tactile interface for analysis and interpretation.”
Discussion | Esther Anatolitis | 3 Sep 2012

The Housing project

The Housing Project by Greyspace made a valuable contribution to Melbourne’s architecture and design culture.