Houses, June 2011

Houses, June 2011


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Andrew Wong, Diego Bekinschtein, John Wardle and Stefan Mee.
People | Fleur Watson | 6 Oct 2011

John Wardle Architects houses

A survey of houses by John Wardle Architects reveals a design trajectory of exploration and craft.

Calacatta marble.
Discussion | 8 Oct 2011

Material palette: John Wardle Architects

John Wardle Architects values materials with integral colour and grain and which mellow gracefully over time.


Alvar Aalto Houses by Jari Jetsonen and Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen.
Discussion | 14 Oct 2011

Alvar Aalto Houses

Aalto’s foray into architecture is the focus of this biographical book.

Detail from the cover of Living Modern: The Sourcebook of Contemporary Interiors by Phyllis Richardson.
Discussion | 17 Oct 2011

Living Modern

In this book Phyllis Richardson sums up the characteristics of modern design.

Peter Stutchbury: Selected Projects by Patrick Bingham-Hall.
Discussion | 19 Oct 2011

Peter Stutchbury: Selected Projects

Patrick Bingham-Hall captures Peter Stutchbury’s exceptional body of work in this book.

New Natural Home by Dominic Bradbury.
Discussion | 18 Oct 2011

New Natural Home

The projects in this book show us the true meaning of living not only sustainably, but also stylishly.


Bongo & Otto.
Product | 12 Oct 2011

The latest products from Houses magazine

The Houses editor’s favourite round products.

Gubi Semi pendant.
Product | 12 Oct 2011

Our favourite lighting products

The Houses editor’s favourite lighting products.

Animeo Solo.
Product | 13 Oct 2011

Home automation products

The latest home automation products from Houses.


Stem, an elegant coatstand made from rock maple.
People | Deborah Niski | 11 Oct 2011

Studio: DesignByThem

Co-founders of DesignByThem, Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson, enjoy making minimal, functional and fun products.


Webb House section.
Discussion | Eleanor Fenton | 7 Oct 2011

Active systems to reduce energy use

The key to maximum energy efficiency is strategic implementation of both passive and active systems working together.

The Webb House in its St Kilda context, showing a range of active sustainable technology on the roof.
Projects | Barnaby Chiverton | 13 Oct 2011

Webb House

An active systems case study presented by Chiverton Architects to accompany an article on active systems.


Located on a tight site in Surry Hills, this four-storey house with a roof terrace sits comfortably within office blocks and other mid-rise buildings.
Projects | Ted Quinton | 14 Oct 2011

Small House

On a 7 m x 6 m city site, this house by Domenic Alvaro is a vertical apartment that challenges conventional thinking.

The clean lines of the kitchen and dining area are punctuated by a recycled blackbutt bench. Artwork: Rob Blakers, enlarged image of Tasmanian rainforest. Source: Peter McConchie, Old Growth – Australia’s Remaining Ancient Forests (Melbourne: Hardie Grant Books, 2010).
Projects | Niki Kalms | 17 Oct 2011

Victorian House

This house by Susi Leeton Architects provides a series of elegant, flexible and relaxed spaces.

This modular rear facade uses a repeated module of 1,200-millimetre intervals, the size of the client’s canvases.
Projects | Tobias Horrocks | 18 Oct 2011

Humbug House and Studio

This house by KebbellDaish Architects with Peter Adsett combines painting and architecture.

The living areas of this duplex are connected to the outdoors via an elevation of glass with delicate timber frames.
Projects | Ted Quinton | 19 Oct 2011

Marrickville House One

One of two new adjoining houses by David Boyle Architect in Sydney’s inner west.

The earthy coloured, textured cladding blends into the hillside.
Projects | Sheona Thomson | 20 Oct 2011

Bryden House

In this house by BVN in association with Daniel R. Fox, the form, texture and colour change with the time of day.

The small rear backyard features a plunge pool along the western boundary.
Projects | Adam Haddow | 21 Oct 2011

Paddington House 02

Tucked away in Paddington, this cottage by Nobbs Radford Architects demonstrates that more can be done in less space.

The new living room opens up the entire back elevation of the house.
Projects | Lucy Moloney | 27 Oct 2011

Killara House

Ensuring that both old and new components retain their integrity, this home by Studio [R] is a model of contemporary design.

Operable external louvres protect the semi-enclosed verandah on the northern elevation.
Projects | Katelin Butler | 21 Nov 2011

Sorrento House

This beach house by NMBW Architecture Studio responds to site conditions and budget constraints.

The screen motif glows like a lantern at night.
Projects | Sheona Thomson | 24 Nov 2011


This family home is environmentally and socially sustainable, and achieves lyrical interest and dynamism.


Artist David Ralph’s painting After the Rain (2009) presents the idea of a home not as a fixed building, but rather as a travelling entity.
Discussion | Penny Craswell | 20 Oct 2011

Home: Real and Ideal

Artists and architects explore the concept of home in both the real and ideal worlds at the Boutwell Draper Gallery.


The ground-floor studio. Artworks L–R: George Duerden, Jukunda Mona Chuguna, Ted Snell, Mary Moore, Julie Hobbs (vase), Nina Kierath (sculpture), Julie Sylvester (glass sculpture), Queenie McKenzie, Trevor Vickers, Mabel Juli, Jinny Bent.
Projects | Fleur Watson | 25 Nov 2011

Iwanoff House (1960s) revisited

The Perth home and studio of Bulgarian-born architect Iwan Iwanoff.


Adolf Loos, Villa Müller (1928–1930), Prague. Large salon.
Discussion | Colin Martin | 22 Nov 2011

Learning to Dwell

This exhibition surveys the private houses and apartments designed by Adolf Loos in the Czech Republic.