Houses, June 2013

Houses, June 2013


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Mullet House by March Studio.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 31 May 2013

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Some of the most interesting residential projects are alterations and additions, where a new layer of history is added to a house. And in terms …


Profile: Sam Crawford Architects
People | Laura Harding | 13 Sep 2013

Profile: Sam Crawford Architects

The Sydney-based practice making a mark for tactile and engaging residential projects.

O Series timber door knobs.
Discussion | 13 Sep 2013

Material palette: Sam Crawford Architects

Tactile materials in the houses by Sam Crawford Architects are integral to its body of work.


Studio: Ash Allen
People | Esther Anatolitis | 26 Aug 2013

Studio: Ash Allen

Melbourne-based industrial designer Ash Allen combines the machined with the handmade.

First House

First House: Richard Kirk Architect
Projects | 2 Sep 2013

First House: Richard Kirk Architect

Richard Kirk Architect revisits Hawthorne Residence, the practice’s first project from 2003.


The soaring roof plane of the mullet-like addition floats above clerestory glazing.
Projects | Maitiú Ward | 11 Oct 2013

Mullet House

March Studio brings a playful addition to a polite Edwardian-era villa.

A clever use of space and colour prevents any feelings of confinement.
Projects | Chris Pearson | 30 Aug 2013

Freshwater Semi

A narrow Sydney semi transformed by David Boyle Architect.

Curved corners contrast the robust exterior treatment at the rear.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 30 Sep 2013

Preston Residence

An interwar Melbourne home deftly reinvigorated by Brett Tuer and Chris Jones.

A sequence of spatial transitions negotiates the steep descent.
Projects | Natalie Ward | 13 Aug 2013

Gallery House

A Sydney house by Domenic Alvaro integrates art into its living canvas of light and shade.

The character and shape of the original cowshed are kept.
Projects | Lucy Moloney | 28 Jun 2013

Cowshed House

The bold reworking of a late-nineteenth-century cowshed in Sydney by Carterwilliamson Architects.

The balcony reaches out to the wooded reserve beyond.
Projects | Bonnie Herring | 5 Sep 2013

House by the Park

Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture makes a community focal point of a Melbourne parkside home.

Mezzanine bedroom. Artwork: Lloyd Kwilla, Kulyayl Waterhole.
Projects | Margie Fraser | 16 Aug 2013

Teneriffe Warehouse Apartment

Wrightson Stewart Interior Design turn an old woolstore apartment into a tailored bachelor pad.

A little “nugget” of a building added to the site.
Projects | Stuart Harrison | 18 Sep 2013

Forever House

A suburban Melbourne house recast with a lateral approach by WoodWoodWard Architecture.

The practical, hoop-pine-clad kitchen lit by concealed downlights.
Projects | Eoghan Lewis | 6 Aug 2013

Tamarama Semi-D

David Langston-Jones reinvents the rear of a Sydney semi with a robust intervention.

Main bedroom. Artwork (L–R): Dick Watkins, John Peart, Ken Whisson.
Projects | Marcus Baumgart | 30 Jul 2013

East Melbourne House

Zoë Geyer’s respectful renovation of a grand historic terrace includes some resolutely modern moments.

Faux finish: the Victorian-style weatherboard facade is new – a council requirement, despite the existing building being 1980s brick-veneer.
Projects | Maitiú Ward | 12 Sep 2013

Model House

The Melbourne home of a set designer and a teacher, renovated by Breathe Architecture.


The house was designed in the aftermath of the 1967 bushfires.
Projects | Genevieve Lilley | 6 Aug 2013

Fern Tree House (1969) revisited

McGlashan and Everist’s enduring design for a Hobart house.