Houses, October 2013

Houses, October 2013


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Beach House Mornington by Clare Cousins Architects.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 27 Sep 2013

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In an outdoor room, we can enjoy being outside while still protected from the weather. Often integrated into contemporary Australian homes, outdoor rooms differ from …


James Russell of James Russell Architect.
People | Margie Fraser | 7 Nov 2013

Profile: James Russell Architects

Brisbane-based architect James Russell takes the idea of a breathing building to a new level.

Johnson white gloss tiles in Boston Street House.
Discussion | 8 Nov 2013

Material palette: James Russell Architect

A connection to the outdoors through the use of durable materials.


The Medhurst House (2008) is a simple, steel-framed glass box that cantilevers over the landscape.
Discussion | Brett Seakins | 30 Jan 2014

Land Art: Nine Small Buildings

Exploring the distinctive residential work of Denton Corker Marshall.


Kerry Hill: Crafting Modernism
Discussion | 2 Jan 2014

Kerry Hill: Crafting Modernism

A richly illustrated monograph brings together more than thirty years of architectural work.

Le Corbusier Redrawn: The Houses
Archive | 16 Jan 2014

Le Corbusier Redrawn: The Houses

A series of Le Corbusier designs, redrawn using CAD.


Alec Balcombe (left) and David Houbaer (right) of Dhab Studios.
People | Judith Abell | 14 Jan 2014

Dhab Studios: Finding form

Furniture design graduates David Houbaer and Alec Balcombe launched Dhab Studios.

Scott Fellows (left) and Craig Bassam (right) of BassamFellows.
People | Jill Pope | 7 Jan 2014

Studio: BassamFellows

The “minimal-artisanal” furniture designs of Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows.


Visitors to the apartment step over and through the truss framing.
Projects | William M. Taylor | 8 Jan 2014

Attic in the Dolomites

A sixteenth-century Italian attic restored by Perth studio SODAA and local studio, MQAA.


The house references Philip Johnson’s International Style Glass House, minus the glass.
Projects | Shaneen Fantin | 1 Nov 2013

(–) Glass House

Charles Wright Architects reinterprets the classic Philip Johnson Glass House for Cairns.

The cranked U-shaped plan gives each room access to natural light and views.
Projects | Peter Davies | 24 Feb 2014

Main Ridge Residence

A multi-faceted house by McAllister Alcock Architects, set in a Victorian winery.

A timber deck inset at the rear expresses the house volume into the yard and pool.
Projects | Laura Harding | 6 Dec 2013

House Chapple

Hannah Tribe finds the light-filled airy home inside a cramped old Sydney bungalow.

The compact structure was designed as a reflection of the clients.
Projects | Natalie Ward | 10 Jan 2014

Ozone House

A house by Matt Elkan among the angophoras of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

A sense of openness and connection to the seasons and nature characterizes the East Brunswick House.
Projects | Maitiú Ward | 10 Feb 2014

Brunswick East House

A timber bungalow in Melbourne’s north references the Eames’ Case Study House #8.

The hideaway has a gentle relationship to the harbour.
Projects | Genevieve Lilley | 3 Dec 2013

Balmain East Residence

Melocco & Moore crafts a meticulous addition to a Victorian waterfront villa in Sydney.

A rare example of speculative development in 19th-century Brisbane.
Projects | Alice Hampson | 17 Jan 2014

New Farm Arbour

Owen and Vokes and Peters rework an historic Brisbane home.

The interior is clad in hoop pine ply, which has a cocooning effect; extensive glazing balances this with a sense of openness.
Projects | Mark Scruby | 17 Feb 2014

Beach House Mornington

Clare Cousins adds a self-contained, timber-clad “treehouse” to a Merchant Builders’ home.

The choice of brick relates to the existing commercial context.
Projects | Tobias Horrocks | 24 Jan 2014

Little Brick Studio

A backyard garage and atelier completes the renovation of a Melbourne home by Make Architecture.

Detailing is a layered, intricate geometric composition of painted plaster and polished timber. Artwork: Michael Johnson (painting); Roderick Yunkaporta (left dog and echidna); Gary Namponan (right dog).
Projects | Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper | 3 Feb 2014

Hill End House

Architect Michael Rayner’s family home is a complex manipulation of shadow and light.


The terse facade with brick-screened window openings was explored earlier by Grounds in his design of Melbourne’s NGV.
Projects | Eugenie Keefer Bell | 27 Jan 2014

Frankel House (1970) revisited

Roy Grounds’ highly crafted Canberra house for Sir Otto and Lady Margaret Frankel.


The multi-use space has a green roof.
Projects | Jill Pope | 3 Jan 2014

Backyard Room

A conversation about working from home kick-started ArchiBlox’s affordable prefabricated structure.