Houses, December 2014

Houses, December 2014


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Shutter House by Baber Studio.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 1 Dec 2014

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Nuances of living: The houses of Clare Cousins Architects
People | Mark Scruby | 17 Aug 2015

Nuances of living: The houses of Clare Cousins Architects

The ideas behind the residential work of Clare Cousins Architects are finely attuned to the how people want to live.

First House

The design is specific to the harsh microclimate of the hilltop, weighing panoramic views against privacy for daily living.
Projects | Daniel Lane | 13 Apr 2015

First house: Preston Lane

Preston Lane Architects’ Daniel Lane revisits Bonnet Hill House, the practice’s first project from 2004.


The enclosed outdoor room provides the owner with a new kitchen and deck at the rear of the house.
Projects | Margie Fraser | 16 Feb 2015

Life on the edge: Shutter House

Baber Studio’s addition to a Queenslander allows the occupants to enjoy views from the very edge.

Light pours into the kitchen from the larger of two courtyards on the ground floor. Artwork: Max Dupain.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 26 Feb 2015

Simply subtract: Residence M

CHT Architects adopted a strategy of subtraction to navigate the complexities of town planning in creating a beautiful, considered home.

The house consists of a central communal space touching the ground, with a cantilevered sleeping wing floating on either side.
Projects | Jenna Reed Burns | 11 Mar 2015

Miner adjustment: Quorrobolong House

On a site earmarked for underground mining, Fergus Scott Architects cleverly designed a house that barely touches the ground.

The new part of the house is bold, minimal and full of light, with a joyful expression of materials.
Projects | Sarah Hurst | 23 Feb 2015

Polished gem: Jewel House

Karen Abernethy Architects transforms a Victorian terrace into a light-filled suite for two.

The architect rejected a car spot, retaining a large frangipani tree at the front instead.
Projects | Shaun Carter | 4 Mar 2015

Street life: Alexandria Courtyard House

This new Sydney terrace by Matthew Pullinger Architect challenges conventions and plays with traditions, while engaging seriously with the street and community life.

The new verandah, bathroom, deck and steps create a natural path to the garden.
Projects | Hayley Curnow | 16 Mar 2015

Ebb and flow: Bellevue Terrace

Interlocking spaces connect house and garden in this addition to an 1890s Fremantle home by Philip Stejskal Architecture.

A new hearth and raised ceiling make the existing hacienda all the more central to family life. Image: Natalie McComas.
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 18 Mar 2015

Mission reborn: Clayfield House

The first stage of a series of architectural interventions to a Spanish Mission-style house in Brisbane by Twohill and James.

The existing house, an Edwardian weatherboard, has been remodelled as a private family wing.
Projects | Tobias Horrocks | 1 Apr 2015

Playful finesse: Westgarth House

An addition to a suburban Melbourne house by Kennedy Nolan that is far from ordinary.

The studio employs a tower typology seen elsewhere in Max Pritchard’s work.
Projects | Damian Madigan | 2 Apr 2015

Towering ideas: Tree Top Studio

Max Pritchard revisits his own house after twenty-five years to create a distinctive satellite building.

The light and open kitchen was designed around the clients’ love of good coffee.
Projects | Bonnie Herring | 9 Apr 2015

Not your everyday ordinary: North Fitzroy House

Jean-Paul Rollo Architects’ North Fitzroy House is a triumph of architectural humility in a suburban context.

Vertical sun blades, in a fun palette of foliage-inspired colours, draw the garden into the fabric of the building.
Projects | Marcus Baumgart | 26 Mar 2015

Picture perfect: Blue House

A retreat by Neeson Murcutt Architects that is in picturesque harmony with its coastal bushland setting.

A low strip window in the kitchen offers views to the soft, green plantings along the side boundaries.
Projects | Mark Scruby | 7 Apr 2015

Greening up: Martin House

BG Architecture artfully unifies a Californian bungalow with its lush suburban garden through the skilful manipulation of sightlines.


The house responds to the steep, sometimes water-soaked site by standing in the tree canopy.
Projects | Fergus Scott | 19 Mar 2015

West Head House (1987) revisited

Designed in 1987 by Peter Stutchbury and Phoebe Pape as their own home, this house is an exploration in living with landscape.

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Mr Dowel Jones is made from Tasmanian oak, with rubber components that allow for flexibility in movement.
Product | Judith Abell | 17 Jul 2015

Collective individuality: Lab De Stu

The different styles and techniques of three young designers are brought together to create Lab De Stu.

The double-braided polyester footrest of the Mariner stools hints at a nautical inspiration.
Product | Alicia Sciberras | 22 Jul 2015

Intuitive, functional and pared back: Anaesthetic

New Zealand design studio Anaesthetic explore materials and forges strong relationships with manufacturers