Houses, February 2014

Houses, February 2014


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Three by Two House by Panovscott Architects.
Archive | 23 Jan 2014

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Architects and designers often design houses as a canvas for inhabitation. They provide the framework and opportunities, but how this transition of house into home …


Room 11 Architects
People | Judith Abell | 1 Jul 2014

Room 11 Architects

The residential work of Melbourne- and Hobart-based Room 11 Architects in profile.


A set of vessels designed by Matthew Sheargold and named after and inspired by the Japanese technique of kintsugi.
Product | Deborah Niski | 22 Apr 2014


A collection of beautiful everyday objects by Australian designers, with manufacturers Axolotl and Evostyle.

Studio Laviani
People | Jill Pope | 2 Apr 2014

Studio Laviani

The prolific product design studio of Italy’s Ferruccio Laviani.

First House

The living room on the third floor enjoys views of Sydney Harbour through the treetops. Artwork: Hannah Hall.
Projects | Shaun Carter | 17 Jun 2014

First House: Carterwilliamson Architects

Carterwilliamson Architects revisits Punch Street House, the practice’s first project.


A robust palette, thoughtfully detailed, has made the compact spaces feel comfortable and generous.
Projects | David Welsh | 24 Apr 2014

Three by Two House

A Sydney terrace, reworked by Panovscott, is influenced by a Japanese aesthetic.

The western elevation of the Venus Bay House makes a bold, graphic gesture.
Projects | Katelin Butler | 21 May 2014

Venus Bay House

A beach house on the south coast of Victoria designed to collect special memories and objects over time.

Existing elements such as the black steel struts and multi-paned, steel-framed windows give the project much of its character.
Projects | Peter Davies | 15 May 2014

Richmond Warehouse

A warehouse conversion by Techne Architects retains the integrity of the original structure.

A large opening between the main living space and deck allows a connection with the elements, and for winter sun to penetrate the concrete slab.
Projects | Hayley Curnow | 22 Apr 2014

Claremont House

A modest Perth bungalow made intriguing by Pendal and Neille.

The low-slung form of the Croft House responds to the wild weather on site, and is intrinsically linked to its landscape setting.
Projects | Katelin Butler | 2 May 2014

Croft House

An otherworldly building by architect James Stockwell is actually very much of this earth.

American oak flooring has been paired with ceiling lining boards that stretch from inside to out.
Projects | Bonnie Herring | 18 Jun 2014

White House

Architect Brett Nixon’s home bridges the eras of its heritage past and the present.

The upper deck of the existing house has been “stretched” and wrapped in a veil of timber slats, making space for extra rooms below.
Projects | Judith Abell | 8 Apr 2014

Dynnyrne Extension

A modest extension by Preston Lane Architects delivers more than “just a few extra rooms”.

A finely detailed fireplace enclosure creates a screen to the study and hides a piano. Artwork: Coiley Campbell, Yunpatara (right); Andrew Taylor, Still Life (left).
Projects | Brett Seakins | 6 Jun 2014

Carnsworth House

An idiosyncratic 1960s home brought gently into the twenty-first century, without losing its original charm.

A large pivoting window on the southern wall of this Melbourne terrace opens up to views over rooftops and leafy streets.
Projects | Mark Scruby | 26 May 2014

Light Box

An extension by Edwards Moore rethinks the terrace house typology.

The four townhouses present a unified facade to the street.
Projects | Tobias Horrocks | 10 Jun 2014

North Melbourne Townhouses

A townhouse complex by Freadman White takes the idea of multifunctional spaces to a new level.


View of the 1936 Airstream "Clipper" caravan and gold 1964 Avanti Studebaker.
Discussion | Alice Hampson | 10 Apr 2014

California Design 1930–1965

Los Angeles County Museum of Art presents a major study of Californian mid-century design.


Triangular volumes form the basis of the plan, and the shape is repeated throughout the interior and exterior.
Projects | Shaneen Fantin | 30 Apr 2014

Oribin House + Studio (1956-58) revisited

Maverick architect Eddie Oribin’s Queensland home is enjoying a renaissance.