Houses, June 2014

Houses, June 2014


Houses 98


St Kilda West House by Kennedy Nolan Architects.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 2 Jun 2014

Houses 98 preview

The courtyard plan is well-suited to Australian residential design, particularly with the increasing density of our inner-city suburbs. Courtyards provide access to natural light, privacy …


Profile: Tribe Studio
People | David Clark | 12 Aug 2014

Profile: Tribe Studio

The residential work of Tribe Studio has a kind of clean, blunt Modernism or ‘suburban uncanny’ aesthetic.

Dulux ‘Vivid White’ paint in House Maher by Tribe Studio.
Discussion | 12 Aug 2014

Material Palette: Tribe Studio

Houses by Tribe Studio have ‘a clean, blunt modernism’ and classic contrasts of black, white and wood.


The original Art Deco cottage was respectfully added to, contributing to a new chapter of the history of Brisbane.
Projects | Paul Owen | 6 Oct 2014

First House: Owen and Vokes and Peters

Owen and Vokes and Peters revisits Newmarket House, the practice’s first project from 2003.

Pivoting openings on one side of the sitting room and sliding doors on the other allow cross-ventilation and a connection to both courtyards.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 24 Sep 2014

St Kilda West House

Skilful courtyard placement by Kennedy Nolan Architects creates a bright and airy inner-urban home.

Like an oyster’s shell, the exposed edges of K House are serrated, simultaneously providing openness and enclosure.
Projects | David Neustein | 25 Aug 2014

K House

A sculptural Sydney residence by Chenchow Little Architects.

The north-facing courtyard fronts onto the street, but receives a degree of privacy from its semi-porous walls.
Projects | Stuart Harrison | 16 Sep 2014

Fairfield Hacienda

A new suburban home by MRTN Architects breaks with convention to maximize amenity.

The spare colour palette and pared-back materials allow the dramatic forms of the architecture to come to the fore.
Projects | Peter Davies | 4 Sep 2014

Loft Apartment

An apartment of sweeping curves and deft geometry, designed by Adrian Amore Architects.

The home’s generously scaled living area is connected to the outdoors by sweeping expanses of glazing. Artwork: Elizabeth Tremain.
Projects | Lucy Moloney | 1 Sep 2014

Turramurra House

A house in a bushfire zone, designed by Noxon Giffen, balances openness to its leafy surroundings with defensiveness.

While the renovation adds little additional floor area, it radically reorganizes the house’s interior to flood it with light.
Projects | David Welsh | 22 Aug 2014

Light Cannon House

Carterwilliamson uses two ‘light canons’ to reflect light and add spatial quality to this Sydney terrace.

The addition’s “in-between room” connects a previously detached existing tower with the existing house. Artwork: Keith Burt.
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 12 Sep 2014

In-Between Room

Phorm Architecture and Design adds a contemporary counterpoint to the original Queenslander.

A heritage-listed chicory kiln on Phillip Island has been converted into a flexibly planned family residence.
Projects | Tobias Horrocks | 22 Sep 2014

A House for Hermes

A family beach house by Andrew Simpson Architects and Charles Anderson that is small in scale but packed with ideas.

A glossy black “portal” amplifies light streaming in through golden shimmer curtains.
Projects | Amelia McPhee | 11 Sep 2014

Carine House

A Perth home by Pendal and Neille that engages with the sublime pleasures of domestic life.

Located at the heart of the home, the courtyard is a minimalist space containing a large granite boulder and a single maple tree.
Projects | Marcus Baumgart | 8 Sep 2014

Hover House

The central courtyard of this Bower Architecture house in Victoria is the focus of all daily activities.

Modestly proportioned, the house nonetheless enjoys a close connection to its waterfront site and open, generous living areas.
Projects | Margie Fraser | 26 Aug 2014

Patio House

Architect Matthew Eagle has made a virtue of modesty at this canal-side house on the Gold Coast.


Studiokyss: Material delight
People | Katelin Butler | 5 Aug 2014

Studiokyss: Material delight

Crafted objects by Kenny Yong Soo Son bring delight to life’s quieter daily moments.

Maker Studio
People | Judith Abell | 19 Aug 2014

Maker Studio

Rory Morgan of Maker Studio explores combinations of timber and fine steel in furniture.


Merli House is inwardly focused on a beautifully planted courtyard, which serves as a sanctum for the family and an occasional venue for open days and wine-tasting events.
Projects | Nigel Bertram | 13 Oct 2014

Merli House (1984) revisited

Revisiting the ‘carefully juggled complexity’ of a home by Edmond and Corrigan.


The connection between the small space and the existing courtyard is reinforced through subtle design interventions.
Projects | Tobias Horrocks | 29 Sep 2014

Cairo Apartment

A studio apartment altered by Architecture Architecture to enhance the original design.