Houses, October 2014

Houses, October 2014


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Oxlade Drive House by James Russell Architect.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 25 Sep 2014

Houses 100 preview

Introduction to Houses 100.


Profile: Charles Wright
People | Shaneen Fantin | 19 Mar 2015

Profile: Charles Wright

Charles Wright Architects suggests a new way of living in the tropics.

H1 hardwood in the Re-Newell House.
Practice | 19 Jan 2015

Material Palette: Charles Wright Architects

Charles Wright Architects responds to the cyclonic conditions of Far North Queensland when selecting materials.


The Milis Salem House is the product of a simple idea – the division of private and public spaces into upper and lower volumes respectively.
Projects | Matt Chan | 5 Feb 2015

First House: Scale Architecture

Scale Architecture’s Matt Chan revisits Milis Salem House, the practice’s first project from 2001.

A consistent solid-oak surface covers floor, walls and joinery, concealing everything from the fridge to the alarm system.
Projects | Katelin Butler | 29 Nov 2014

Magic secret: East West House

Rob Kennon Architects has made the most of every opportunity to create a warm and inviting inner-city home.

A luminous slab of marble forms the kitchen bench, contrasting with the robust timber and brick interior elements.
Projects | Andrew Mackenzie | 9 Feb 2015

Disciplined bonds: Aperture House

An ode to the humble brick, a residential addition both celebrates and transcends its suburban site.

Ampelite cladding on the north face of this weekender filters light into the interior while masking unwanted views of the road.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 8 Dec 2014

White-box weekender: Foster House

Capturing and containing the idyllic qualities of rural Victoria: a weekender by Allison Hopper.

The shell of the house merges the existing stonework with the new frame, creating a clear relationship with the landscape beyond.
Projects | Trisha Croaker | 27 Nov 2014

A ruin in the landscape: Stone House

CHROFI has transformed a neglected rural cabin into a family home offering a space of quiet, timeless beauty.

The warm timber and ply that define the interior of this weekender complement its relaxed, beachside setting.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 11 Jan 2015

Ground swell: Cabin Two

A cottage addition by Maddison Architects takes its cues from the topography of the site.

Skylight windows angled toward the south-east allow subtle daylight to fall into the new living spaces.
Projects | Genevieve Lilley | 26 Jan 2015

Let there be light: Skylight House

Painstakingly refined detailing and subtle spatial manipulation: an addition to a 1930s home by Andrew Burges Architects.

In deference to the architecture of the existing building, the extension of the bedroom wing, seen here at right, continues the pitch of the old roof.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 12 Feb 2015

Sleight unseen: Sorrento house

The architect’s hand is imperceptible in this reworking of a twenty-year-old beach house.

Black melamine lines the interior of the living spaces, which have a strong connection to the outdoor courtyards.
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 28 Oct 2014

A game of solid and void: Oxlade Drive House

A simple gabled box by James Russell Architect belies surprisingly other-worldly results.

The Desert House opens to the west, where it confronts the surreal scale of the West MacDonnell Ranges.
Projects | Laura Harding | 18 Dec 2014

Range rover: Desert House

Dunn and Hillam Architects has made an architectural virtue of climatic constraint at this new house in the desert.

Located on a prominent hilltop site, the house is designed to recede into its leafy surrounds.
Projects | Margie Fraser | 4 Dec 2014

Light and shade: House in Noosa

Designed by MORQ, this home in Noosa forgoes bold form for the quieter pleasures of flickering shadows.

A central courtyard joins the old and new parts of the house and forms a primary activity zone for the family.
Projects | Katelin Butler | 15 Jan 2015

The lantern, the brick and the courtyard: Three Parts House

A renovation and extension to a 1950s clinker brick house by Architects EAT.


Tojiki is a range of stoneware tables for indoor and outdoor use.
Product | Linda Cheng | 15 Jul 2015

Porcelain Bear’s imaginative slip-cast ceramics

Melbourne studio Porcelain Bear hand-makes evocative designs that spark imagination.


A circular opening in the brick wall connects the north-facing second sitting room and dining room.
Projects | Philip Goad | 29 Jan 2015

Clerehan House II (1964) revisited

A hidden gem of mid-century Australian modernism: Clerehan House II by Neil Clerehan Architect.