Houses, April 2015

Houses, April 2015


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Houses 103.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 31 Mar 2015

Houses 103 preview

Introduction to Houses 103.

First House

The main living area of the Park Street House is located at the rear of the ground floor.
Projects | Annick Houle | 9 Jul 2015

First House: O’Connor & Houle

Annick Houle of O’Connor & Houle Architecture + Environments reflects on how her practice’s first project became a fertile testing ground for ideas.


PYNN decorative marble hooks, pictured with the Vae Pendants and Gem Stool.
Product | Anna McCooe | 13 Aug 2015

Designs to treasure: Thomas Coward

His refined and elegant bathroom product designs for Omvivo caught our attention. Now, as head of his eponymous studio, Thomas Coward has come of age.

Designs by Page Thirty Three are artful and functional as seen here in the Zig Zag sculpture, Protractor Lamp, Ugly Chair and Tipi Lamp.
Product | Alicia Sciberras | 14 Aug 2015

Artful and functional: Page Thirty Three

Australian designed and made, the refined works of Page Thirty Three are playful and concept-driven, but also functional.


The leafy-green garden view is echoed in the kitchen, where a section of wall is clad with white tiles hand-painted in a geometric green pattern by one of the owners, artist Tai Snaith. Artwork: Cherry Hood.
Projects | Mark Scruby | 28 May 2015

A house of art and play: Doll’s House

Driven by ideas of art and play as well as tactics for sustainability, this striking extension by BKK Architects is a “well-made doll’s house” with an uplifting sense of possibility.

The box-like new work strikes out from the existing house’s floor level, simultaneously making a strong statement and staying in tune with the site.
Projects | Kevin O'Brien | 1 Jun 2015

Elemental living: Taringa Pavilion

A new “deck” extension to a nineteenth-century house, by Nielsen Workshop and Morgan Jenkins Architecture channels the elements of earth, air, fire and water.

Neometro’s signature concrete ceiling adds a sense of tactility; the use of natural materials such as stone and timber “satisfy the senses.” Artwork: Sally Ross, La panthére, 2012.
Projects | Peter Davies | 3 Jun 2015

Flat-out rethinking: Walsh Street Apartment

A thoughtful that transforms the idea of multi-residential living into something much more house-like.

The concept of twin pavilions arose from the cranked configuration of the block of land. Artwork: Isaac Julien.
Projects | David Welsh | 9 Jun 2015

A cultivated life: Garden House

Tzannes Associates create two beautifully detailed brick pavilions that respond directly to its environment.

An industrial palette of materials creates a tactile and visually rich interior.
Projects | Ella Leoncio | 10 Jun 2015

Master of disguise: South Melbourne Terrace

The deceptively closed exterior of this renovated terrace by Wellard Architects disguises a private, bright and comfortable home.

A two-storey extension at the rear of the site adds a solid, weatherboard form hovering above a level of full-height glazing.
Projects | Judith Abell | 11 Jun 2015

Carving a view: Winscombe Extension

Preston Lane Architects extend a Tasmanian house, taking advantage of open-plan living and a new connection to the backyard.

Supported by slender circular steel posts, the crisp white and fine-edged double gables are lofty and open to the street.
Projects | Sheona Thomson | 15 Jun 2015

The right fit: Christian Street House

James Russell Architect appease anxious city planners with a new house that contextually fits the social and relaxed a subtropical way of life.

Custom steel-framed sliding doors open onto a small but sunny courtyard.
Projects | Bonnie Herring | 17 Jun 2015

Old, new, borrowed, blue: Stray House

This beautifully crafted renovation to a single-fronted Victorian terrace is the result of a close collaboration between the architect and the owner-builder.

This long and simple house is tucked into the slope, so that on arrival from above, the views are paramount.
Projects | Margie Fraser | 18 Jun 2015

A shed in the pasture: Boonah House

This new shed-like house by Shaun Lockyer Architects sets up the perfect frame for an undeniably spectacular view of the Main Range National Park.

The new low-slung kitchen/dining pavilion is orientated north to face a lush garden of granite slabs and herbs.
Projects | Genevieve Lilley | 22 Jun 2015

A Loos-ian labyrinth: House McBeath

Tribe Studio channels the spirit of Adolf Loos’ Raumplan obsessions in creating this small terrace alteration and addition in Sydney.

The extension’s exterior was first shaped by planning restrictions and then chipped away at to maximize and control natural light.
Projects | Mark Scruby | 24 Jun 2015

Down memory lane: Bower House

Behind a double-storey Victorian terrace lurks a uniquely geometric extension, by Andrew Simpson Architects, based on an abstraction of the owners’ memories of their previous homes together.


The Romberg House reflects the architect’s early training and interest in vernacular German and Swiss rural buildings.
Projects | Tobias Horrocks | 8 Jul 2015

Romberg House (1941) revisited

Featuring the elegant proportions of early modernism and the architect’s signature streamlined forms, this home was designed and built in 1941 by Frederick Romberg for his family.