Houses, June 2015

Houses, June 2015


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Houses 104.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 29 May 2015

Houses 104 preview

Introduction to Houses 104.

First House

The original concept for the Reynolds Residence was born when the architect was on a study tour of Alvar Aalto’s work in Finland. Artwork: Walala Tjapaltjarri.
Projects | Adrian Iredale | 14 Sep 2015

Wisdom of youth: Reynolds Residence

Adrian Iredale of Iredale Pedersen Hook reflects on the practice’s first project, a house that expresses “the youthful sense of pursuing an untested path.”


The form of the house is created by two curving concrete slabs (which overlap but aren’t the same shape) with glass in between.
Projects | Shaneen Fantin | 4 Aug 2015

Tropical living machine: Planchonella House

Immersed in a luscious rainforest, this home by Jesse Bennett Architect is a precious, handcrafted object that embraces the tropical climate and is a delight to inhabit.

The “Tetris wall” unfolds to uncover a variety of elements. Even the bathroom is hidden behind one of the sliding components. Artwork: Mark Swartz (wire sculpture).
Projects | Nikita Notowidigdo | 5 Aug 2015

Tetris play: Darlinghurst apartment

A 27-square-metre apartment by Brad Swartz is rearranged like a Tetris puzzle, providing everything needed to live comfortably.

Social butterfly: Local House
Projects | Anna Johnson | 10 Aug 2015

Social butterfly: Local House

This addition to a Californian bungalow by Make Architecture creates an active connection with the St Kilda community.

To the street, Lake House takes the form of a timber box elevated on stabilizing rammed-concrete walls.
Projects | Hayley Curnow | 12 Aug 2015

Urban eden: North Perth House

Jonathan Lake Architects creates a new home that makes the most of a small footprint through the strategic integration of garden spaces, balancing privacy and connection between family members.

A hand-painted mural by Melbourne artist Lucas Grogan features brightly on the off-form concrete exterior of the house.
Projects | Sarah Hurst | 13 Aug 2015

Lingering redoubt: Wolseley House

The mural on the striking concrete form of the Wolseley House by McKimm invites you to “linger longer,” and once inside you understand why you might want to stay awhile.

The Miller House is a warmly tactile home that borrows from the techniques of such modernist masters as Alvar Alto.
Projects | Marcus Baumgart | 19 Aug 2015

Weaving in and out: Miller House

Architecture Architecture creates an extension to an early-twentieth-century cottage with a series of interlocking spaces that weave together interior and exterior spaces, and old and new, alike.

The Tower House is a series of small, interconnected structures that wrap around a central courtyard.
Projects | Mark Scruby | 6 Aug 2015

It takes a village: Tower House

Appearing “more medieval village than inner-city extension,” a collection of timber shingle-clad towers by Andrew Maynard Architects have been added to the site of an existing mid-century bungalow.

A three-metre circular coffer is incised into the ceiling to define the living zone.
Projects | Sing d'Arcy | 26 Aug 2015

Dialogue with Seidler: Horizon Apartment

MA Architects and Maria Danos create a sophisticated apartment interior that holds its own against the strong architectural presence of a well known Seidler building.

Ashgrove Residence by DM2 Architecture.
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 27 Aug 2015

Tree hugger: Ashgrove Residence

DM2 Architecture adds a new pavilion to the rear of a humble cottage in Brisbane that embraces a historical significant hoop pine.

The old vegie patch was reinstated and tripled in size to the north, with a series of elevated timber crates that complement the Kids Pod by Mihaly Slocombe.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 2 Sep 2015

Chip off the old block: Kids Pod

Mihaly Slocombe take the cubbyhouse typology to full scale with a self-contained addition to its first project.

The grassed garage roof next to the entry has been designed for kids to roll down it.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 3 Sep 2015

Cold chisel: Aireys House

The sharp, chiselled form of this house by Byrne Architects serves to deflect icy Antarctic winds.


The generously proportioned living/dining space is over-looked by a fifty-square-metre floating mezzanine that was originally envisaged as Rippon’s studio.
Projects | Peter Tonkin | 9 Sep 2015

Zen master: Rippon House

Architect Gerry Rippon’s 1969 house for himself and his family combines the refinement a Zen tea house with a masterful orchestration of spatial sequence.

More articles

Woollahra Terrace by Saw Crawford Architects.
Projects | David Welsh | 17 Aug 2015

Light the way: Woollahra Terrace

With a clever and unpretentious use of natural light, Sam Crawford Architects create a “fairytale ending” for a dilapidated 1870s timber cottage in Woollahra, Sydney.