Houses, February 2016

Houses, February 2016


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Houses 108.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 3 Feb 2016

Houses 108 preview

Introduction to Houses 108


Matt Gibson and his team in the practice’s Collingwood studio.
People | Marcus Baumgart | 21 Sep 2016

Profile: Matt Gibson

The thoughtful body of residential work by Matt Gibson Architecture and Design demonstrates an enthusiastic and rigorous approach to the dualism inherent in many projects.

First House

The striking aluminium-clad stair allows access to the garden and garage from the roof terrace without disturbing the occupants of the apartment below.
Projects | Ian Moore | 18 May 2016

First House: Ian Moore Architects

Ian Moore cleverly transformed this home into two apartments, reconfiguring the layout and making the most of unused space.


Recently created for de Sede, the DS-373 sofa was inspired by a small, leather elephant that Alfredo found at a flea market.
Product | Jill Pope | 19 Feb 2016

Alfredo Häberli

The furniture and products by designer Alfredo Häberli are an expression of the joy of living.


The plan folds around a central “naturalistic” courtyard in response to existing trees and the proximity of neighbours.
Projects | Sheona Thomson | 2 Nov 2016

Into the fold: Jule House

Jule House by Claire Humphreys and Kevin O’Brien Architects delicately references a family’s past while offering a setting for contemporary living.

The dwelling stands tall, its extensive glazing flooding the timeless interior with light.
Projects | Marcus Baumgart | 27 Apr 2016

Time for seduction: MAH Residence

Mim Design creates a rich and textured interior inside a town planning-approved building envelope designed by Clarke Hopkins Clarke.

Rose Bay House is inspired and enriched by a backyard tree, the suntrap balcony tucked in the zinc-clad upper level an ideal spot to take it all in.
Projects | Genevieve Lilley | 20 Apr 2016

Enchanted forest: Rose Bay House

The Rose Bay House by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects offers a journey that’s much like walking through a forest.

The placement of the courtyard distinguishes the kitchen from the dining/living space, while simultaneously connecting them.
Projects | David Welsh | 14 Apr 2016

Long and lean: Maroubra House

A small postwar home with a large backyard has been reworked to create a much longer and more flexible house, a courtyard now wrapping around its central living spaces.

While similar inside, the Clarence Houses have different public faces, in tune with the diverse streetscape.
Projects | Tobias Horrocks | 4 May 2016

Twin peeks: Clarence Houses

The clever screening techniques used by Rob Kennon Architects in the creation of these non-identical twin houses allow the residents to peek out at the street while maintaining private oases within.

The dwellings are placed offset from each other to assist with visual and acoustic privacy.
Projects | Sing d'Arcy | 8 Apr 2016

Doubly light: Fairlight houses

Marston Architects replaces a single dwelling with two terrace-like houses using a clever approach that ensures the lineal interiors are far from gloomy.

The blackened exterior form is a reworking of the cottage and shed vernacular that dominates the area.
Projects | Hayley Curnow | 13 Apr 2016

Dual impact: Exploding Shed house

David Weir Architects creates an“energetic” one-bedroom cottage that provides a place to live and a place to work.

While the addition contrasts with the existing dwelling in material and tone, it is not obtrusive and grows sensitively taller at the rear.
Projects | Sarah Hurst | 4 Apr 2016

Surprise package: Hoddle House

Freadman White creates a bold extension to a 1930 home that brings a harmonious union between old and new.

The ceiling angles down into an asymmetrical butterfly shape, adding theatricality and drawing the eye upward.
Projects | Leanne Amodeo | 25 May 2016

Compress and release: Tunnel House

In replacing an old lean-to with a clever garden pavilion, the architect has honoured the owners’ love for the outdoors as well as the environmentally conscious approach he has long championed.

The kitchen, once a dark and “daggy” room, is now an extension of the dining space, showered in sunlight. Artwork (at right): Richard Paul Lohse.
Projects | Nikita Notowidigdo | 6 May 2016

Small wonder: Tivoli Terrace

Small but clever alterations have been made to a house on a tiny site, opening the interior to the courtyard and giving a new meaning to the concept of “in.”

The second living room, at the front, original part of the house, features a fireplace and is lit with ample daylight. Artwork: Faye De Pasquale.
Projects | Ella Leoncio | 27 Oct 2016

Cut both ways: St Kilda East House

This flexible family home, the practice’s first built project, accommodates two households in one and delivers a series of seductive architectural volumes.


A flat-topped weatherboard wall sits between steel posts exposed at the corners, giving the house a crisp profile on approach.
Projects | Jason Haigh | 9 May 2016

Munro House (1980) revisited

Teaming reductive simplicity in section with an irregular floor plan that responds to the bushland setting, this home is still an instructive source of delight thirty-five years after completion.