Houses, June 2016

Houses, June 2016


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Houses 110.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 7 Jun 2016

Houses 110 preview

Introduction to Houses 110


Alison Nobbs and Sean Radford of Nobbs Radford Architects.
People | Genevieve Lilley | 31 Oct 2016

Profile: Nobbs Radford Architects

Skilled in unravelling complex issues, Nobbs Radford Architects creates homes that explore raw materials, bold forms and new ideas.


The “sparse, airy and raw” interior is animated by rays of light that mark the passage of time.
Projects | Albert Mo | 16 Nov 2016

First House: Kelso House

Architects EAT co-director Albert Mo reflects on the practice’s first residential project, which transformed a rundown house that “no-one wanted.”

The expressive structure defines the form and interior volumes of the Butterfly House.
Projects | Paul Morgan | 7 Sep 2016

Revisited: Butterfly House by Chancellor & Patrick

Designed in 1955 by Chancellor & Patrick for Gerald and Ellen McCraith as a holiday house, this home captures the optimism of Australian beach culture at the time.


The living level opens to a generous north-facing deck, a lap pool embedded in the forest, the breezeway, the rear courtyard and the bush beyond.
Projects | Trisha Croaker | 7 Nov 2016

Spirit of the coast: Beach and Forest House

A home by Troppo Architects that’s “always forest, always beach, always lighthouse.”

An outdoor room to the west of the living area is reserved purely to celebrate a fig tree.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 9 Aug 2016

The simple life: Myrtle Tree House

Renovations have breathed new life into a Californian bungalow, stitching it into the garden, while respecting the character of the much-loved existing dwelling.

The home’s expressed joists give insight into its tectonics and create a striking facade that facilitates engagement with the street.
Projects | Margie Fraser | 28 Jul 2016

Tubular casa: West End House

This home, shaped like two tubes with solid sides that funnel the air through, demonstrates fresh approaches to working with a heritage site.

The tectonics of the new addition follow a simple, expressive logic similar to that of the existing dwelling.
Projects | Helen Norrie | 12 Sep 2016

Living alfresco: Bath House

Stephen de Jersey Architect has extended the spatial and material characteristics of an old Queenslander to result in a striking yet respectful addition with delightful settings for everyday living.

The rear elevation’s strong angles are defined by thick, black steel window reveals that contrast against the white plywood cladding.
Projects | Leanne Amodeo | 15 Sep 2016

Dynamic expression: Unfurled House

An interplay between “sensual curve and straight edge” gives spatial drama and delight to this addition to a Federation home by Christopher Polly Architect.

The white timber boards emphasize the sitting room’s verticality, while the brick references the area’s masonry tradition.
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 12 Oct 2016

Suburban narratives: Central Avenue

This new house by Vokes and Peters employs traditional architectural motifs in unconventional ways, all the while responding to its site, street and city.

The addition references the rectilinear forms of the existing part of the house.
Projects | Sarah Hurst | 16 Aug 2016

Through the looking glass: Garth House

Ola Studio take cues, but not directly, from the existing 1880s home to create Garth House.

The rectilinear home, clad in spotted gum boards, hugs the contours of the site.
Projects | Peter Davies | 11 Nov 2016

In its element: Main Ridge House

Featuring crisp geometry, simple spatial arrangements and rigorous detailing, this lean timber-clad home was designed by Noxon Giffen for sustainability, comfort and a strong connection to the landscape.

Far from dark and gloomy, the narrow house uses extensive glazing and a lifted roof to let in ample daylight.
Projects | Sing d'Arcy | 15 Nov 2016

Slender splendour: Upsilon House

A home for “simple, rugged, no-fuss living”: Upsilon House by MCK Architecture and Interiors.

Metal sheeting interlocks with the changing brick profile, while the upper level’s right-angled visor reduces sun penetration.
Projects | Sheona Thomson | 21 Sep 2016

Sunny outlook: Buena vista

To meet the brief, which included housing five cars, Shaun Lockyer Architects used a relatively simple construction of brick, steel sheeting and fibre cement and then “lifted up” a level, offering tremendous views.


Howard Arkley, Family Home – Suburban Exterior, 1993. Monash University Collection, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne.
Discussion | Linda Cheng | 14 Oct 2016

Art of suburbia: Howard Arkley (and friends…)

Held at the TarraWarra Museum of Art in Victoria’s Healesville, a retrospective of Howard Arkley’s iconic paintings and inspirations gave insight into his exploration of suburban Australia.