Houses, October 2016

Houses, October 2016


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Houses 112.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 26 Sep 2016

Houses 112 preview

Introduction to Houses 112.


Eva-Marie Prineas of Architect Prineas.
People | Genevieve Lilley | 8 Mar 2017

Generosity and authenticity: The houses of Architect Prineas

With a solid technical grounding and a “brilliant nuance in mixing old and new,” Eva-Marie Prineas creates generous and pertinent projects with authenticity.

First House

The house is “a bit like a castle, a bit like a resort, and it’s trying to have polite conversation with Hamilton.”
Projects | Michael Banney | 1 Mar 2017

First House: Hamilton House by M3architecture

Responding to a brief that included the request, “I don’t want to be an architectural victim,” Michael Banney and Michael Christensen used a healthy mix of self-doubt, excitement and earnestness to create Hamilton House, one of their first projects.


Elements of the existing dwelling, including hardwood structure and cladding and steel-framed windows, provided “good bones” for the new works.
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 14 Dec 2016

Into the Labyrinth: Dornoch Terrace House

A “nearly derelict squat” has been transformed into a labyrinthian dwelling that celebrates the work of an artist who once called the site home.

The site is wedged between a wide suburban street to the south and an alleyway to the north.
Projects | Linda Cheng | 15 Dec 2016

A nostalgic angle: Acute House

A compact, but generous home wrapped in cladding salvaged from the small Victorian cottage that was originally on the site.

The street facade gives little away – reflecting the clients’ desire for security and privacy.
Projects | Sarah Hurst | 24 Jan 2017

Train of thought: Rail House

Set alongside a train line, this new house makes the most of its challenging setting to create a private and secure place of retreat for its owners.

The simple worker’s terrace has been transformed into an “immersive theatre of beautifully crafted spaces and elements.” Artwork: Peter Coates.
Projects | David Welsh | 18 Jan 2017

Home theatre: Waterloo Terrace

David Mitchell Architects reworks his own inner-Sydney worker’s terrace to create a light-filled home and studio that offers a “site-specific theatre performance.”


Narrow site restrictions caused the new kitchen, dining and living areas to be housed in a single rectangular volume.
Projects | Leanne Amodeo | 3 Feb 2017

Scandinavian elegance: Carlisle Extension

Sans-Arc Studio creates a Scandinavian-inspired extension to a 1920s worker’s cottage in Adelaide that gives the owners a home they can “wake up and feel really happy in.”

The Maitland House addition lightly connects with the existing house, leaving the original structure largely untouched.
Projects | Ella Leoncio | 31 Jan 2017

Domestic monument: Maitland House

Bold “monumental geometry,” a muted palette and the integration of indoor and outdoor spaces have revitalized an old orange brick home in this addition by Kennedy Nolan.

The U-shaped plan allows for an entry path navigating a courtyard chasm between the home’s protruding wings.
Projects | Margie Fraser | 10 Feb 2017

Geometry and serendipity: Chapel Hill House

Reddog Architects has peeled back a 1980s home and reprogrammed it into an interconnected “collection of pods” that respond to the subtropical climate.

The kitchen extends seamlessly through bifold doors to a sunlit courtyard. Artwork: Mark Hanman.
Projects | Genevieve Lilley | 14 Feb 2017

Monastic modesty: Surry Hills House

This refurbishment of a narrow terrace house by Benn and Penna Architecture presents the client with a light-filled, monastic and disciplined setting for life to unfold.

The house now connects directly to the north-facing rear courtyard. Artwork: Beret.
Projects | Sing d'Arcy | 8 Feb 2017

Space graft: Dolls House

Day Bukh Architects has created an addition to a Federation-style bungalow in Sydney’s Randwick by carefully cutting, folding and suturing the new fabric into the old.

A continuous strip of transparent acrylic windows offers an uninterrupted view to the outside from the living room of the Silicon House.
Projects | Qianyi Lim and Hannah Slater | 8 Sep 2016

Social life: Silicon House by Selgas Cano

A trip to Selgas Cano’s Silicon House and architecture office in Madrid, as part of the 2016 Dulux Study Tour, revealed a celebration of the natural environment and the social approach taken by the practice.

Dramatic sectional layering and extensive openings to the outdoors create a small home with a strong visual impact.
Projects | Andrea Huelin | 17 Feb 2017

Fewer walls, more life: Big Small House

Designed according to the philosophy that “less is more,” this layered family home by People Oriented Design offers an engaging contribution to the conversation about twenty-first-century Queensland architecture.

The architects sank the lower level into the ground so as to include a third level while satisfying height restrictions.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 15 Feb 2017

Urban opportunism: Little O’Grady Residence

Behind a rebuilt heritage facade, this home by Ha offers ample daylight and a rewarding journey of spaces, from a clever sunken living area to a rooftop terrace with city views.


Surrounding vegetation helps to maintain a cool microclimate and provides privacy from river traffic and neighbours.
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 22 Feb 2017

Revisited: Winterwood by Don Woolard

Designed in 1974, this climate-responsive, twelve-sided home in the Brisbane bush combines a sophisticated design concept with a structural system of exceptional economy.


To make the most of the small studio, clever joinery design has been used to distribute space without delimiting it.
Projects | Rebecca Gross | 21 Feb 2017

Ahead of the curve: Kings Cross Apartment

Using conceptual thinking and highly crafted multifunctional joinery, design practice Catseye Bay has reshaped a diminutive studio into a generous one-bedroom living space.