Houses, February 2017

Houses, February 2017


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Houses 114.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 30 Jan 2017

Houses 114 preview

Introduction to Houses 114.


The gable roof profile common in the neighbourhood is repeated in the dynamic patterning of the black and white Vs on the new facade’s oversized sliding screens.
Projects | Margie Fraser | 31 May 2017

Suburban sculpture: Bardon House

Drawing in surrounding bushland and establishing new internalized landscapes, this new home intimately engages with its context and climate.

The double-height living space conforms to the gable-roofed extrusion of the barn typology.
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 23 Jun 2017

Coastal barn: Glass House Residence

Representing the socially conscious ideologies of its designers, this cleverly stitched-together, barn-like family home is “engaging, honest and refreshingly straightforward.”

The addition is terraced down the site toward Darebin Creek, connecting all rooms to the bushy surrounds.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 28 Jun 2017

Bush modernism: Ivanhoe House

This “open and transparent” addition is tucked neatly behind a weatherboard house, taking inspiration from the client’s love of modernism and fond memories of growing up in a Merchant Builders home.


The modernist house relies on the landscape and streets as an extension of the home.
Projects | James Russell | 12 Jul 2017

Revisited: Chambers House

This modest home, designed in the late 1970s by Rodney Chambers for himself and his family, is grounded within the beauty of the surrounding garden.

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Dimitty Anderson, Steve Grieve and Paul Gillett (left to right).
People | Leanne Amodeo | 16 Jun 2017

Profile: Grieve Gillett Andersen

A pursuit of conceptual and aesthetic clarity and an ability to solve problems thoughtfully are evident in the residential work of Grieve Gillett Andersen.

Two boxes were added to the top of the existing structure, one for a new bedroom and one for a new bathroom.
Projects | Andrew Nimmo | 14 Jul 2017

First House: Australia Street House

Renovating and extending their own home was well worth the time and money for Annabel Lahz and Andrew Nimmo, who used this project to establish their practice Lahznimmo Architects. Over twenty-one years later, Andrew reflects on taking the leap of faith into their own business.

The compact cottage is carefully nestled within the silhouette of the surrounding landscape.
Projects | Cameron Bruhn | 30 May 2017

Island ingenuity: Wilson’s Cottage

James Davidson Architect’s first hurdle in creating “the best reef house in the world” was designing how to build it, rather than what to build.

Urban patterns: Waterloo Street Townhouses
Projects | Marcus Baumgart | 16 Jun 2017

Urban patterns: Waterloo Street Townhouses

This converted warehouse project responds to increasing housing density with quality spatial thinking. The design of the townhouse insertions respects the original structure’s heritage while adding a new layer of function and detail.

An overt expression of materiality is suppressed in favour of spatial clarity.
Projects | Sing d'Arcy | 6 Jun 2017

Modernist evolution: McLeod House

Perched high on a rocky outcrop, this expressive home reveals a strong connection with the experimental architecture of mid-century modernism.

A sense of enchantment and unexpectedness is evident in the transition from one space to another. Artwork: Robert Frith.
Projects | Hayley Curnow | 26 Jun 2017

Unfurling spaces: North Perth Townhouse

A theatrical reworking of an existing townhouse uses colour and contrast to boldly define the series of spaces.

Curved forms create a space-capsule aesthetic, and the softened edges prevent hips being caught on corners in the narrow space.
Projects | Freya Lombardo | 1 Jun 2017

‘Future retroism’: Bobhubski

This “1970s Japanese spaceship” home, designed with both playfulness and pragmatism, transports inhabitants to another space and time.

In a contemporary manner, the upper level of the extension pays homage to the existing cottage’s Craftsman style. Artwork: Lisa Lapointe.
Projects | Leanne Amodeo | 15 May 2017

Elegance and cohesion: Hill Top Cottage

This elegant and considered addition preserves the feel of the original 1920s Craftsman cottage while adding a fresh interpretation of the existing style.

A long, heavy masonry wall protects the house from the road and a custom mortar technique adds shadow and depth to the external surfaces.
Projects | Katelin Butler | 7 Jun 2017

Artisanal values: Fish Creek House

Robust, tactile and honest, the design of this new house responds instinctively to its setting, celebrating the human experience and artisanal values.

A stacked-stone feature wall provides a warm and textured backdrop to the living area, complemented by large-scale artworks. Artwork: Michael Peck.
Projects | Tobias Horrocks | 5 Jul 2017

Crafting perfection: Bayside Residence

This highly crafted addition to an Edwardian home retains the existing building’s dignified formality while offering robust new spaces for celebrating contemporary family life.