Houses, April 2018

Houses, April 2018


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Houses 121. Cover project: North Melbourne Terrace by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 27 Mar 2018

Houses 121 preview

Introduction to Houses 121.


There is a Japanese-like style to the pared-back, precisely proportioned frame and fitout of the house.
Projects | Rachel Hurst | 22 Aug 2018

Revisited: Dickson House

One of Adelaide’s best maintained examples of mid-century residential architecture, this 1958 house offers a model of clarity for what matters in daily life.


Footpath Library by Jonathan Goh.
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 27 Nov 2018

Fully booked: Footpath Library

An intriguing exploration of geometric tension and a lesson in craftsmanship and materiality, this piece of miniature architecture by Jonathan Goh also effectively encourages small-scale knowledge sharing.

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The red bricks of the extension angle up to become a roof, giving cohesion and simplicity to the built form.
Projects | Peter Davies | 13 Jul 2018

A grand reveal: North Melbourne Terrace

Drawing on design details of North Melbourne’s eclectic housing stock, this addition to a grand Victorian terrace by Matt Gibson Architecture and Design delivers a cohesive and simple built form, which reveals its adaptations over time.

The living space and main bedroom open onto a courtyard garden of swamp banksia and Australian tree ferns.
Projects | Ella Leoncio | 6 Jul 2018

Looking in: Prahran House

Marked by an impressive attention to detail and an idiosyncratic handling of materials, this house by Ritz and Ghougassian eschews the traditional backyard in favour of an “inward-looking” approach.

An engaged column caps off an integrated window seat and delineates two cosy sitting spaces looking over Sandy Bay.
Projects | Judith Abell | 11 Jul 2018

Hillside haven: Mawhera Extension

This bold, minimal addition to a hillside house by Preston Lane Architects makes the most of a relatively modest budget, with the new spaces designed for diverse modes of use.

Otherwise rectilinear in form, the house features a curved roof and balcony that trace the canopy of a large jacaranda tree. Sculpture: Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski.
Projects | Sing d'Arcy | 1 Aug 2018

An elegant solution: Bellevue Hill House IV

With a form derived from the welcome intrusion of two jacaranda trees and a focus on ease of mobility, this large but nuanced house by Popov Bass is an exemplar of complex architectural problem-solving.

While shelving separates the kitchen and living spaces, the onus falls on the ceiling volume to define enclosure.
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 27 Jul 2018

A tent-like addition: Camp Hill Cottage

An abstraction of the postwar cottage, this addition to a Brisbane hillside house by Owen Architecture is expressed not as a fragment or extrusion but as a hipped-roof whole.

The house’s exterior and landscape is bathed in the light of the Western Australian sun.
Projects | Simon Pendal | 28 Aug 2018

First House: Fremantle House

Architect Simon Pendal reflects on his first project, his own house in Fremantle WA, which he built with his life partner Rebecca Angus.

House A sits close to the site’s front boundary, presenting a near-blank concrete facade to the street.
Projects | Rachael Bernstone | 25 Jul 2018

Small wonder: House A

Architect Kate Fitzgerald of Whispering Smith prevailed against government regulations to create this compact home in Perth that represents a novel approach to increasing density in the suburbs.

The back three-quarters of the house have been rebuilt as a double-height volume, broken up by a “floating box.” Artwork: Derek Swalwell.
Projects | Sarah Hurst | 10 Aug 2018

Floating boxes: Carlton House

Drawing on existing constraints and opportunities, this renovation to a nineteenth-century terrace house by Tom Robertson Architects has transformed a “cramped and dark” space into a home that works perfectly for its owners.

Set over the retained edge of a reformed ground plane, the new pavilion appears to float.
Projects | Sheona Thomson | 10 Jul 2018

Preserving a legacy: Morningside Residence

Kerion Gait Architects’ elegantly crafted garden pavilion set in a newly formed landscape evokes a sense of openness and sociality, in contrast to the existing 1920s Queenslander.

The split level within the extension is reinforced through a bold shift in colour and materials.
Projects | Judith Abell | 3 Aug 2018

Wide angle: Malvern House

This “low and wide” addition to a freestanding cottage by Rob Kennon Architects minimizes impact on its site and surroundings while prioritizing a life lived outdoors.

With its obtuse angles and off-centre ridge, the rear roof is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional gable form.
Projects | Rebecca Gross | 7 Aug 2018

California dreaming: House Howley

Strategic vistas and subtle shifts in plan enhance informality and openness in this addition to a Californian bungalow by Mark Szczerbicki Design Studio.

The “impossibly fine” horizontal plane created by the folded gutter gives the house a pleasingly low, human scale.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 13 Aug 2018

New horizons: Ballarat House

Surrounded by off-the-plan project homes on a new estate, this house by Eldridge Anderson marries pared-back simplicity with the joy of detailing to deliver an outcome that is rational rather than boisterous.