Houses, February 2018

Houses, February 2018


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Houses 120.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 19 Jan 2018

Houses 120 preview

Introduction to Houses 120.


The entry courtyard is a mix of shades of grey and green that highlights various foliage textures, with a ground layer of travertine pavers over sandstone river pebbles.
Projects | Ricky Ray Ricardo | 18 May 2018

Foliage fervour: Bungalow Garden Rooms

A series of diverse, textural and dynamic “garden rooms” are the result of a close collaboration between architect and landscape architect and celebrate a life lived outdoors.


Matt Chan of Scale Architecture
People | Leanne Amodeo | 19 Apr 2018

Matt Chan of Scale Architecture

Drawing on a fascination for the quirkiness in how people live, Scale Architecture designs efficient and visually refined houses that are customized to the client.

First House

The form of the home has been designed like an eyelid, to create an open outlook to the courtyard while ensuring privacy from overlooking neighbours.
Projects | 6 Jun 2018

‘Essentially romantic’: Eyelid House

Often in life, everything happens all at once – and this was the case for Fiona Winzar of Fred Architecture, who twelve years ago started her own architectural practice while pregnant with her baby, Agnes. Fiona reflects on the first project that began this new chapter of her life, Eyelid House.


From the forest the house presents as a simple, silvery grey trapezoid, its a roofline in tune with the tumbling slope.
Projects | Sheona Thomson | 2 May 2018

‘Thrillingly Simple’: Possum Shoot Shed

A simple pavilion formed from the remnants of an existing shed, this “thrillingly simple” project makes the most of its majestic site.


Taking pride of place in this adult’s retreat, the living room opens to the northerly waterfront terrace through floor-to-ceiling glass.
Projects | Peter Salhani | 4 May 2018

Revisited: Pitt Point House

Built on a long, narrow site in 1985, this meticulously crafted island retreat designed by Ken Woolley blends seamlessly with its environment, while reading as a small village of interconnected buildings and shapes.

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A “split-and-slide” architectural manoeuvre ensures that both halves of the house have access to views and sunshine.
Projects | Marcus Baumgart | 17 Apr 2018

‘A neat trick’: Two Halves House

Responding eloquently to its lightly forested, sloping site, this earth-toned house by Moloney Architects has been split into two, with a bathing and sleeping pavilion sitting above an open-plan living space.

The house opens onto an elegantly designed courtyard with a garage and studio beyond. Artwork: Linus Bill and Adrien Horni.
Projects | David Clark | 24 Apr 2018

Urban ‘TARDIS’: Two Wall House

Unfolding behind a facade just 3.7 metres wide, this light-filled and spatially expansive house by Woods Bagot provides a blueprint for successful urban infill projects.

While the house’s scale and form tie in with the street, its new powdercoated aluminium facade glows brightly.
Projects | Ella Leoncio | 23 May 2018

Twinkling terrace: PerfPad

Through a series of simple but effective alterations Northbourne Architecture and Design has transformed an existing terrace house into a more functional, light-filled home with a luminous street presence.

A paired-back material palette is used throughout the home, including American oak, marble and white joinery.
Projects | Katelin Butler | 5 Jun 2018

Urban retreat: Tess and JJ’s House

This clever new home by Po-co Architecture, set on a narrow site in an inner-city suburb, is a light and airy place of retreat from the city while still enabling a connection with it.

A wall of local stone, broken with blackbutt in shaded areas, acts as a spine, stitching together the house and landscape as one.
Projects | Trisha Croaker | 18 Apr 2018

‘A powerful form’: Lune de Sang Pavilion

In a slow-growth forest in the Byron Bay hinterland, the final dwelling in a collection of powerful, monumental concrete structures designed by CHROFI has been completed – all designed to endure.

Sliding timber screens, reminiscent of Japanese tea houses, provide for the control of light, privacy and outlook.
Projects | Margie Fraser | 1 May 2018

‘An elemental shrine’: Tinbeerwah House

Resting on a steeply sloping, heavily damaged site, this house by Teeland Architects works to stabilize and rehabilitate the land while offering expansive views of the forest beyond.

Double-height glazing at the house’s southern end lets in ample light. The house extends onto a small but useful courtyard.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 30 Apr 2018

Kensington Cathedral

A house with an unlikely history is given an unashamedly contemporary renovation by Ha Architecture, Product and Environment that still references the original Edwardian form.

Characterized by an interplay between factory materials and sympathetic additions, the kitchen connects the main living spaces.
Projects | Rebecca Gross | 8 May 2018

Patina and texture: 102 The Mill

Designed by Carter Williamson Architects, the exposed structure of this former timber factory encourages consideration of not only the house’s final form, but also its individual parts.

The house’s concrete base rises above the dunes, as if it were a raft breasting waves.
Projects | Leon van Schaik | 22 May 2018

Crown on the dunes: Panopticon House

Arising from the undulating dunes of Cape Otway, this house combines a classic nine-square plan with a floating, independently resolved roof profile that controls and enhances panoramic views.