Houses, June 2018

Houses, June 2018


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Houses 122. Cover project: King Bill by Austin Maynard Architects.
Archive | Katelin Butler | 31 May 2018

Houses 122 preview

Introduction to Houses 122.

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The motif of the barrel vault is carried through the house, with a dramatic, geometric ceiling highlighting the importance of the kitchen.
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 31 Aug 2018

Painterly yet practical: B&B Residence

Distinctive for its geometric clarity and minimalist material palette, this precisely curated extension to an existing Queenslander by Hogg and Lamb responds to the intensity of the sun and evokes a sense of calm.

A curvilinear, triangular courtyard separates the kitchen and living areas and draws light into the depth of the plan
Projects | Ella Leoncio | 4 Sep 2018

Surf and turf: Tiger Prawn

Inspired by the tiger prawn, this terrace house renovation by Wowowa Architecture is both a gesture designed for public delight and a series of playful spaces to be privately enjoyed.

All of the existing silver birch and ornamental pear trees have been retained in the verdant garden that wraps around the new pavilion.
Projects | Peter Davies | 5 Sep 2018

Urbane ambition: King Bill

A collage of the textures and colours of Fitzroy’s built history, this playful addition to an 1850s terrace by Austin Maynard Architects aims to ‘give something back’ by creating a lush oasis in the heart of the inner city.

The open-plan cabin interior is designed without any loose furniture that might clutter the solitude.
Projects | Sam Whinnett | 18 Sep 2018

Southern solitude: Bruny Island Cabin

Built as an escape from everyday life, this off-grid cabin by Maguire and Devine Architects celebrates the Tasmanian landscape and is a reminder of simple pleasures.

The expressive curve serves the practical purpose of delineating space while retaining familial connections.
Projects | Marcus Baumgart | 21 Sep 2018

Wright of passage: The Great Australian Bight

Cutting a dramatic curve through its inner-Melbourne lot, this distinctly “Wrightian” house by Multiplicity is grounded in its garden setting and built for family life.

The brief to the architects was to add space to an existing worker’s terrace and increase its security.
Projects | David Welsh | 2 Oct 2018

First House: Hordern Street

Before making the decision to launch their practice, architects Chris Major and David Welsh were presented with a friend’s small single-storey worker’s terrace that was in need of renovation. Sixteen years later, David Welsh reflects on this seminal project.

Entrepreneurial and inventive: Alana Cooke
People | Katelin Butler | 13 Dec 2018

Entrepreneurial and inventive: Alana Cooke

Emerging designer Alana Cooke enjoys designing within small spaces and prides herself on forming genuine friendships through her work.

A double-height volume rises over the dining table, filling the depths of the lower level with northern light. Artwork (L-R): Jordy Hewitt; Laura Patterson.
Projects | Sheona Thomson | 24 Jul 2018

Full bloom: Terrarium House

The maverick move of inserting a lush, tree and fern-filled void in the place of a front verandah distinguishes this unorthodox reworking of the Queensland cottage type.

The splash of colour in the kitchen cabinetry was inspired by the bold yellow floor of Le Corbusier’s Cabanon. Artwork (L-R): Sally Ross; Minnie Pwerle.
Projects | Hannah Wolter | 29 Aug 2018

Small pleasures: Studio 1

Agius Scorpo Architects’ clever reconfiguration of a twenty-three-square-metre apartment within Melbourne’s early modern Cairo Flats preserves the modernist spirit while creating space for a contemporary life.

Crisp lines and oak joinery soften the exposed concrete of the northern wall.
Projects | Leanne Amodeo | 12 Sep 2018

Shack sophisticate: PR House

This new beach house by Architects Ink is an elegant and respectful re-imagining of the original modernist-style shack that once stood on the site.

Primary living spaces spill out onto a north-facing courtyard, ensuring access to daylight and ventilation. Artwork (L-R): Rosalie Gascoigne; Michael Rose; Yves Klein. Styling: Alicia Sciberras.
Projects | Rebecca Gross | 25 Sep 2018

Sublime suburbia: House Frances

Subverting the traditional suburban layout, this robust, materially honest house by Those Architects creates a series of interconnected indoor and outdoor spaces across an unremarkable Freshwater block.

Crescent House by Deike Richards
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 26 Sep 2018

Familial bonds: Crescent House

An addition to a cottage that had been home to members of the architect’s family since 1939, this project by Deicke Richards balances memory and nostalgia with the need for better connection to the landscape.

Elwood House makes sense of its location in Elwood’s Ormond Road, employing a refined and elegant architectural language.
Projects | Katelin Butler | 19 Sep 2018

Simple pleasures: Elwood House

This new apartment block by Woods Bagot with Hecker Guthrie fits neatly into the fabric of its village street, while perfectly suiting its inhabitants, who wish to simplify life.

The levels spiral around the central stair, each a one-third module from the next.
Projects | Peter Tonkin | 27 Sep 2018

Revisited: Fombertaux House

A composition of stacked and shifted modules, this experimental but elegant house by Oser Fombertaux and Associates, completed in 1966, is emblematic of a European-inspired modernism that defined the architecture of postwar Sydney.