Houses, April 2019

Houses, April 2019


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Houses 127. Cover project: Jacaranda House by SP Studio.
Preview | Katelin Butler | 28 Mar 2019

Houses 127 preview

Introduction to Houses 127.


Built by hand on site, the cabin was constructed from hardy, readily available materials.
Projects | Drew Heath | 9 Jul 2019

First House: Zigzag Cabin

Acting as a “billboard in the bush” for architecture, this colourful cabin that was completed almost twenty years ago, was a first foray into the design-build process for architect Drew Heath.

A terraced garden, filled with vegetables, herbs and blooms, descends to the architecture studio on the lower floor of the house.
Projects | Sheona Thomson | 4 Jun 2019

A verdant reimagining: Jacaranda House

Verdant terraced gardens and finely crafted joinery, stitch this reimagined Queenslander by SP Studio to its place and past to create a relaxed home and studio for the architect and his young family.

Sliding panels and bifold doors allow the interior to return to its original singular volume. Artwork: Elliott “Numskull” Routledge.
Projects | Tobias Horrocks | 19 Jun 2019

‘Changing the performance’: Camperdown Warehouse

Fusing concepts inherent in furniture design and architecture, this conversion of a former motor vehicle factory in Sydney serves as a prototype for a novel approach to adaptive re-use.

The floating roof ties together the home’s concrete and timber elements and gives lightness to its form.
Projects | Kirsty Volz | 21 Jun 2019

Tropical textures: Cove House

A thoughtful response to its unique setting and climate in the Gold Coast’s Sanctuary Cove, this house, by Justin Humphrey Architect, embodies principles of subtropical modern architecture to create a textured home for living and entertaining.

Eucalypt timber battens belie the domestic scale of the building, instead responding to the vast proportions of the landscape.
Projects | Katelin Butler | 29 May 2019

Birdsong and rain: Rosebery House revisited

Responding to a ridgeline that runs west across the gully, this Brisbane home designed by Brit Andresen and Peter O’Gorman illustrates the expressive capacity of Australian hardwood timber and creates a visceral connection to the rainforest.


La casa telematica by Ugo La Pietra (1983).
Discussion | Colin Martin | 17 Sep 2019

How does the future affect today’s domestic architecture?

Through six themes and a meandering series of dreamlike passages, the Home Futures exhibition revisits predictions made by twentieth-century designers to explore how our understanding of “home” is changing over time.


James Fraser founded MORA four years ago on the Central Coast of NSW.
People | Linda Cheng | 4 Jun 2019

One to watch: MORA

Cultivating a dialogue between architecture, community, and context, James Fraser, director of Makers of Responsive Architecture (MORA), designs homes inspired by landscape.

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Twin skylights meet to form an abstract infinity symbol, which represents the owners’ relationship.
Projects | Hayley Curnow | 11 Jun 2019

Coming together: His and Hers House

Sculpted around the simple daily enactment of the owners’ newly shared life, this addition to an inner-Melbourne terrace by FMD Architects represents a binding together of stories, memories and moments.

On the northern verandah, netted hammock seats lean in unison with the architecture, appearing to float over and into the landscape.
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 18 Jun 2019

Trademark lyricism: Stradbroke House

Well versed in designing for the tropical Queensland climate, the Gabriel and Elizabeth Poole and Tim Bennetton have collaborated to deliver an exuberant South Stradbroke Island holiday home for the owner and her four grandsons.

Andrew Scott and Anita Panov, directors of Panov Scott Architects.
People | Peter Salhani | 23 Jul 2019

Transformations not speculations: The houses of Panov Scott

Armed with a finely crafted material palette that evokes memory and invites patina, Sydney practice Panov Scott Architects creates thoughtful architecture that embraces people and the pattern of the city.

Screens of rosewood timber, left to grey with age in Bondi’s coastal conditions, give natural colour to the home’s exterior.
Projects | Rebecca Gross | 5 Jun 2019

Artful apertures: Cloud House

A restful sanctuary for a couple who share their time between Singapore and Sydney, this new house in Bondi by Akin Atelier uses carefully considered apertures and subtle texture to create a sense of unencumbered space and levity.

Aligned with a shift in floor level, a narrow skylight marks the point at which the addition and existing house adjoin. Artwork: Jai Vasicek.
Projects | Judith Abell | 25 Jun 2019

Simple wishes: Lansdowne Crescent

A request for increased amenity rather than more square metres was the impetus behind this deceptively compact addition to a period Hobart home by Preston Lane Architects, where shifts in level and volume help create light-filled spaces and a connection to the garden.

Rather than demolish the original cottage, the designers and their clients opted to refresh
it with an extension that addresses the street and landscape.
Projects | Rebecca Gross | 7 Jun 2019

Coastal character: Piz House

This characterful addition to a beach shack in a former coal mining village in New South Wales, by Barnacle Studio, speaks to its historical narrative and neighbouring ancient landform.

Sly Brothers Semi by Archisoul.
Projects | Sing d'Arcy | 28 Jun 2019

A lesson in collaboration: Sly Brothers Semi

Taking a neighbourly approach to design and construction, this addition to one in a pair of historic attached cottages by Archisoul in beachside Sydney preserves a connection to Australia’s coast-dwelling past.