Houses, February 2019

Houses, February 2019


The best contemporary residential architecture, with inspirational ideas from leading architects and designers.


Houses 126 is on sale 1 February.
Preview | Katelin Butler | 14 Jan 2019

Houses 126 preview

Introduction to Houses 126.


Broderick Ely, Jonathon Boucher and Andrew Piva, directors at B. E. Architecture.
People | Marcus Baumgart | 29 Apr 2019

Chasing timelessness: B.E. Architecture

Exhibiting an affinity for sculpting space and material, B. E. Architecture has rigorously honed its craft for more than two decades, resulting in an extensive portfolio of refined residential architecture.

First House

Working with an experienced engineer, Andrew devised a structural timber exoskeleton.
Projects | Andrew Maynard | 26 Apr 2019

First House: Essex House

Working with an experienced engineer, a young Andrew Maynard used his first project as a testing ground for ideas, many of which form the basis of the design fundamentals he applies today.


The single gable roof and expansive plate glass windows make for breezy interiors befitting a coastal location.
Projects | Philip Goad | 24 Apr 2019

Revisited: Bridgford House 1953

Thanks to dutiful custodianship and light-handed restoration, Bridgford House, designed in 1953, is transportive. Harking back to 1950s summer vacations, the house in Black Rock, Victoria, is a testament to Good Life Modernism.

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Natural light and verdant views enter the penthouse through considered apertures. Artwork: Brent Harris.
Projects | Katelin Butler | 29 Mar 2019

A jewel among trees: Whitlam Place

In an unconventional apartment building, where each dwelling is individually tailored to its owner, this playful penthouse uses circular geometry and takes cues from classic Italian design.

Set above a solid front wall, the upper level of the house steps away from the boundaries of its narrow site.
Projects | Michelle Bailey | 3 Apr 2019

Everyday extraordinary: Indooroopilly House

Composed as a series of concrete and masonry platforms, this rigorously executed home by Owen Architecture with Lineburg Wang maintains the pleasure of low -density living through a considered exploration of architecture and terrain.

On a sheltered headland, nestled among the native vegetation, the newly designed addition recedes into the site.
Projects | Judith Abell | 27 Mar 2019

Shack in a tent: Apollo Bay House

This addition to a Bruny Island bush shack by Dock4 cleverly exaggerates the existing roof form to create volume, drama and a dialogue with the surrounding landscape.

Having worked with architects, Jon felt confident in the design sensibilities of Dock4 Architects.
Discussion | Katelin Butler | 24 Sep 2019

Working with an architect: Apollo Bay House

When a close friend recommended Dock4 Architects to Jon Swann, he felt immediately confident that the studio would work wonders on his shack in Tasmania’s Apollo Bay. Sitting down with Katelin Butler, he recounts that his trust in the design team made for a delightfully unexpected architectural solution.

David Toussaint and Kirsty Volz, co-directors of Toussaint and Volz.
People | Linda Cheng | 24 Apr 2019

Future proofing the suburbs: Toussaint and Volz

Alert to the contemporary complexities of housing affordability and an ageing population, this emerging Brisbane practice is designing progressive residential architecture to future proof the suburbs.

Window House (2013) by Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects.
Discussion | Leanne Amodeo | 30 Apr 2019

Japan: Archipelago of the House

Investigating Japan’s residential architecture across three categories, this exhibition looks beyond the stereotypical to reveal sincere Japanese domesticity.

The house forms a habitable perimeter around a lush garden courtyard, which offers both openness and privacy.
Projects | Patrick Kosky | 1 Apr 2019

Holding court: Cloister House

Informed by Roman courtyard houses, this Perth home artfully responds to its climate and suburban context by sculpting a domestic sanctuary out of concrete, timber and light.

This family retreat looks north to the headland of Seventeen Seventy on Queensland’s “Discovery Coast.” Artwork: Nicholas Harding.
Projects | Sheona Thomson | 5 Apr 2019

Below the ridgeline: Springs Beach House

Drawing on an intimate knowledge of the region, the architects of this Queensland house have created a low-maintenance and environmentally sensitive beach retreat for an extended family.

Operable screens to the laneway offer natural ventilation, light and privacy.
Projects | Casey Bryant | 17 Apr 2019

Breathing room: Darling Lane

Challenging the ubiquity of open-plan living, a series of flexible rooms has been added to this historic inner-city warehouse, forming the latest “chapter” in the building’s narrative.

The Fabshack project in the Blue Mountains is a case study in prefabrication and minimizing waste.
Projects | Rebecca Gross | 8 Apr 2019

Flexible thinking: Fabshack

Innovative thinking lies behind this compact and distinctive cabin. Designed and built by its owner, the project tests prefabricated components to develop an efficient and flexible building typology.

Twin first-floor pavilions and ample openings connect the house to the garden and sky.
Projects | Sing d'Arcy | 23 Apr 2019

Double feature: Naremburn Twin Peaks

Simple yet impactful alterations and additions to an interwar bungalow by Benn and Penna on Sydney’s North Shore elevate once-dark period interiors to bright contemporary living spaces.

Otherwise restrictive planning controls allowed for an elevated design with useable undercroft space.
Projects | Brett Seakins | 9 Apr 2019

Open quarters: Ballarat East House

Divided into four zones including a central deck, this Porter Architects designed house in Ballarat is simple in plan but offers open and breezy living for the architect and his young family.

A recessed niche in the bedroom wall makes reference to the form of the original attic space.
Projects | Rebecca Gross | 16 Apr 2019

Celebrating curves: Regent

A gentle, intricate alteration and addition to a Paddington terrace uses soft curves and interlocking forms to graft the new onto the old and provide seamless continuity of space.