Landscape Architecture Australia, February 2010

Landscape Architecture Australia, February 2010

Landscape Architecture Australia

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Green Infrastructure: Adapting to Climate Change

The AILA one-day conference in Perth asked whether landscape architects are equipped for climate change.

Landscape architects played a vital role in the recovery of the suburban landscape of Duffy in Canberra after the bushfires of 2003.
Discussion | Andrew Mackenzie | 1 Feb 2010

Rebuilding after Bushfires

What role can landscape architects and planners play as communities rebuild after devastating bushfires?


The weave of interstitial spaces provides an abundance of surveillance and pockets of repose and activation.
Projects | Niki Kalms | 1 Feb 2010

Harbour Family and Children’s Centre

This rooftop project in the Melbourne Docklands suggests a shift back to some of the traditions of play and learning

Undulating lawns create hidden places of refuge and elevated places of prospect, allowing the individual to find comfort in both relaxation and play.
Projects | Emily Wall | 1 Feb 2010

Northshore Riverside Park

The psychology of imaginative play and the spirit of the river’s edge are explored in this new park in Brisbane.

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A playground by artist Fiona Foley and Urban Art Projects within the Redfern Park Upgrade by Spackman Mossop Michaels with BVN and the City of Sydney.
Discussion | Fiona Robbé | 1 Feb 2010

Public Play

The public realm can provide a setting for play, one of the defining aspects of childhood. it is important That children and young people have a voice in its development.

A waterplay playground by artist Fiona Foley and Urban Art Projects within the Redfern Park
Upgrade by Spackman Mossop Michaels with
BVN and the City of Sydney.
Discussion | Kate Luckraft | 1 Feb 2010

Water Play

Landscape architects and play space providers can enrich public space through the design of water play experiences.

Children should be encouraged to take risks and challenge themselves.
Discussion | David Edger | 1 Feb 2010

Inclusive Play

By designing children’s play spaces with inclusive risk in mind landscape architects can play a role in childhood development.

Children are invited to interact directly with the inherent tones and textures of a simple set of natural and naturalistic materials.
Report | Sheona Thomson | 11 Jan 2012

Tall Tree Park

This children’s playground within a small park in Noosa heads is A landscape of challenge and discovery.

Four mounds that Play multiple roles have been placed onto the flat ground plane.
Projects | Tempe MacGowan | 1 Feb 2010

Sydney Park Playground

The Comfortably Chaotic character of this playground works within the overall context of a rolling parkland.

The all-access carousel has seats and wheelchair clips and is set level with the ground for ease of access.
Discussion | Tempe MacGowan | 1 Feb 2010

Livvi’s Place

This new playground in Sydney is designed for children with differing physical and neurological abilities.

The Saiho-Ji moss garden in Kyoto, Japan.
Projects | David Neustein | 1 Feb 2010

Saiho-ji Moss Garden

One of Japan’s most renowned gardens is a place of fragility and accidental beauty.