Landscape Architecture Australia, August 2011

Landscape Architecture Australia, August 2011

Landscape Architecture Australia

Reviews, news and opinions on landscape architecture, urban design and planning.


Perspective: honesty in community engagements
Archive | Mandy Rounsefell | 24 Jan 2012


Mandy Rounsefell’s introduction to Landscape Architecture Australia 131.


Andrew Maynard Architects' The Portable Park Concept.
Archive | 20 Jan 2012


News stories from Landscape Architecture Australia 131.

Book reviews

My Green City: Back to Nature with Attitude and Style
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 28 Dec 2011

My Green City

This book celebrates the artists, activists and architects behind projects that bring nature back into the city.

Water Sensitive Urban Design
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 29 Dec 2011

Water Sensitive Urban Design

This manual for Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) focuses on innovative water management for the city of the future.

Destination Art: Land Art, Site-Specific Art, Sculpture Parks
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 30 Dec 2011

Destination Art

Renowned art critic Martin Gayford calls Destination Art “a book that in a modest way could change your life.”

Tree Nurseries: Cultivating the Urban Jungle by Dominique Ghiggi.
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 23 Jan 2012

Cultivating the Urban Jungle

Dominique Ghiggi’s book explores tree production and its scientific, technological, historical and cultural background.


The unassuming entrance to the Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden.
Projects | Emma Wood | 31 Jan 2012

Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden

A tribute to the pioneer women of South Australia, this garden designed by Elsie Marion Cornish was first unveiled in 1941.

More articles

Designed by Andrea Cochran (an international speaker at the 2011 Australian Landscape Conference), specimen olives anchor the planar landscape at Walden Studios, California.
Archive | 23 Jan 2012

Events to Note

Events for your diary from the August 2011 issue of Landscape Architecture Australia.

A render of the proposed Northern Cover at Headland Park.
Discussion | Sue Barnsley | 1 Aug 2011

Barangaroo – Peter Walker’s proposal

Sue Barnsley discusses Peter Walker’s proposal for the Barangaroo Parklands.

The Punta Pite (stair project).
People | Claire Martin | 15 Dec 2011

A conversation with Teresa Moller

Chilean landscape architect Teresa Moller speaks with Claire Martin about the philosophy behind her work.

Delegates at the National Conference, held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Natural Artifice – a powerful force

The 2011 Australian Institute of Architects National Conference benefited from a diverse range of influential speakers.

Southport Broadwater Parklands by AECOM.
Discussion | Helena Seagrott | 5 Dec 2011

Revival exhibition

The Revival exhibition aims to “showcase the power of a single image to encapsulate a sense of place.”

Il Giardino delle Vergini, 2010.
Discussion | Colin Martin | 16 Dec 2011

Il Giardino delle Vergini by Piet Oudolf

An exhibition at the Garden Museum in London and Il Giardino delle Vergini demonstrate Piet Oudolf’s gardens as performances in time.

Part of the Monument residential site in Sydney, this garden serves as a bold geometric form 
from above.
People | Gweneth Newman Leigh | 15 Dec 2011

Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects

Taylor Brammer incorporates a sense of site history into its proposals, and has done many heritage and conservation projects.

Mulberry Cottage by Eckersley Garden Architecture (Vic).
Discussion | 25 Jan 2012

Celebrating residential landscapes

The Outdoor category in the inaugural Houses Awards, in 2011, celebrated Australian residential landscape architecture.

Robelle Domain Parklands by Vee Design.
Award | 24 Jan 2012

2011 AILA Queensland state awards

The 2011 AILA Queensland state awards were announced on 27 May 2011.

A detachable stage sits inside the red-striped circle.
Projects | Sueanne Ware | 10 Dec 2011

Franklin Wharf improvements

Oculus explores how Franklin Wharf is, and could be, simultaneously occupied by members of the public and local dock workers.

An aerial shot of the Port Botany expansion project, overlooking the boat ramp, pedestrian overpass and port terminal.
Projects | Tempe MacGowan | 16 Dec 2011

Port Botany Expansion

Twelve kilometres south of the Sydney CBD, Port Botany has experienced a transformation by AECOM that aims to unify the site.

View over the parkland along Lake Street towards the Cairns CBD.
Projects | Shaneen Fantin | 30 Nov 2011

Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal

Cardno S.P.L.A.T.’s Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal is sculptural, elegant and controlled.

The information hub sign.
Projects | 18 Jan 2012

Falls Creek wayfinding signage

Büro North’s tree-like wayfinding signage system at Falls Creek helps visitors navigate their way around in all seasons.

The shade structure is tall enough to be seen from either end of the site.
Projects | Luke Jones | 23 Jan 2012

Glenelg St bus stop

Deicke Richards has created a generous shade structure that provides a transition space for pedestrians.

The town of Claremont allocated 30 percent of the site to public open space.
Projects | Dr Helen Whitbread | 25 Jan 2012

Lakeway drive-in redevelopment

Hassell transforms a former drive-in theatre into a residential site, retaining valued bushland and parkland.

The Endless City
Discussion | Mark Tyrrell | 9 Dec 2011

The Endless City

This book, edited by Ricky Burdett and Deyan Sudjic, explores the global move towards urbanism through a study of six cities.