Landscape Architecture Australia, February 2011

Landscape Architecture Australia, February 2011

Landscape Architecture Australia

Reviews, news and opinions on landscape architecture, urban design and planning.


National AILA president Mandy Rounsefell.
Archive | Mandy Rounsefell | 24 Jan 2012

Perspective: facing challenges together

Mandy Rounsefell’s introduction to Landscape Architecture Australia 129.

Masterplan for Victoria Square, Adelaide.
Archive | 31 Jan 2012


News stories from Landscape Architecture Australia 129.

Unlandscaped 2010 joint-winner McGregor Coxall’s Vartov Square.
Archive | 31 Jan 2012

Events to note

A diary of events from the February 2011 issue of Landscape Architecture Australia.

1. Australia’s Eighty-five IBRA Bioregions and 405 Subregions superimposed with current protected areas in green.
Discussion | Simon Kilbane | 29 Jul 2011

Green infrastructure

A green infrastructure plan for Australia could ensure that changes in land use and climate are more easily managed.

In the Moonlight Garden. Back Row, left to right: Mark Lester, Pok Leow, Craig Martindale, Eoin Gladish, Christopher Vernon, Nicholas Zulberti, Kim Johnson. Front Row, left to right: Jennifer Cooper, Jessica Drake-Brockman, Andrea Cheong, Nicole Cavanagh, Duyen Nguyen, Annette Condello (tutor), Rhian Thomas, Adelle Main, Julian Morley.
Discussion | Christopher Vernon | 20 Jul 2011

Crossing design cultures

Christopher Vernon reflects on a studio expedition to India that resulted in new designs for a New Delhi government building.

The UK pavilion, designed by Heatherwick Studio, consisted of 60,000 crystalline spines.
Discussion | Claire Martin | 2 Feb 2012

World Expo 2010 Shanghai

Millions of people visited the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, but did it live up to its theme Better City, Better Life?

X-Field exhibition
Discussion | Jo Russell-Clarke | 10 Dec 2011

X-Field exhibition

Six practitioners explore ways in which contemporary designers can work beyond and across disciplines.

Laboratory flasks house impaired botanical seedlings.
Discussion | Natalie Ward | 3 Feb 2012

Janet Laurence’s Waiting

Test tubes, petri dishes and an “intensive care unit” form part of Janet Laurence’s installation dedicated to hospitalizing plants.

Franklin Wharf by Oculus.
Award | 2 Feb 2011

2010 AILA Victoria awards

The 2010 AILA Victoria Awards were announced on 5 November 2010.

Urban Food Box Growing Initiative by Anton Malishev, University of Melbourne.
Award | 1 Feb 2011

Landscape Architecture Australia Prize

The Landscape Architecture Australia Prize for Design Communication is awarded to final-year landscape architecture students.

Red wayfinding signage guides visitors along the trail.
Projects | John Ancher | 3 Jan 2012

Battery Point Sculpture Trail

A series of sculptures along Tasmania’s Battery Point waterfront explores the treasured and varied past of the area.

The generous shade structure opens out onto the lake swimming pool.
Projects | John W. Roberts | 6 Dec 2011

Regatta Walk Foreshore

This lakeside project provides a quiet place to enjoy the water, without overindulging in architectural statements.

The central hill, planted with succulents, has a wisteria-covered structure as the central focus.
Projects | Sigrid Ehrmann | 30 Dec 2011

131 Queen Street rooftop

A rooftop garden by Bent Architecture provides a welcoming retreat from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne city life below.

Shelters overlooking wetlands provide welcome surroundings for the workers of the industrial estate.
Projects | John Mongard | 9 Jan 2012

Sunshine Coast Industrial Park

This corporate industrial park by Gamble McKinnon Green shows industry being woven into a backdrop of vegetation and wetlands.

The floor is paved in granite, bluestone and split stone.
Discussion | Emily Potter | 1 Feb 2011

717 Bourke Street Plaza by Aspect Studios

Aspect Studios explores the constraints and possibilities of the corporate plaza.

The Royal Randwick Racecourse facilities in their inner-city setting.
Projects | Tempe MacGowan | 24 Jan 2012

Royal Randwick Racecourse

Tempe MacGowan reviews BVN’s masterplan in early 2011. Since then Fitzpatrick + Partners has undertaken a new masterplan.

Distributed Urbanism: Cities After Google Earth
Discussion | Richard Weller | 23 Feb 2011

Distributed Urbanism: Cities After Google Earth

A short collection of essays about contemporary cities, edited by architect Gretchen Wilkins of RMIT.

Kerb 18.
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 11 Feb 2011

Kerb 18: PlastiCity FantastiCity

RMIT University’s Kerb 18 centres on its international design competition, PlastiCity FantastiCity.

Innovative Approaches to Researching Landscape and Health.
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 11 Feb 2011

Innovative Approaches to Researching Landscape and Health

Building on research by the UK’s OPENspace research centre, this volume focuses on inclusive access to outdoor environments.

The Andy Goldsworthy Project
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 21 Aug 2012

The Andy Goldsworthy Project

An illustrated catalogue of permanent installations (1984–2008) by the British landscape artist.

Rural Australian Gardens
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 1 Jan 2011

Rural Australian Gardens

Leading landscape designer and author Myles Baldwin discovers the best rural Australian gardens.

Wintons Teak bench.
Product | 12 Sep 2012

Design matter

Landscape elements from Landscape Architecture Australia 129.

Reflecting a commitment to conservation, Homebush Bay’s waterways were restored during the project.
Projects | Mark Tyrrell | 18 Jun 2012

Millennium Parklands

Fifteen years ago it was one of Sydney’s most contaminated and degraded sites but today it is used and loved by the community.