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Landscape Architecture Australia, May 2011

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Reviews, news and opinions on landscape architecture, urban design and planning.


Discourse | Mandy Rounsefell | 23 Sep 2011

Learning from natural disasters

Mandy Rounsefell discusses how we can learn from the natural disasters of the summer of 2011.


Practice | Scott Hawken | 24 Sep 2011

Urban forests in the new carbon economy

What will carbon-neutral cities look like? The Regenesis Project in western Sydney suggests that cities will be remarkably greener.


Awards | 2011 Unlandscaped Jury | 27 Sep 2011

Great Northern Basalt Place

Great Northern Basalt Place by Adrian Marshall was highly commended in the 2011 Unlandscaped awards.

Awards | 2011 Unlandscaped Jury | 28 Sep 2011

Plastic Soup

Plastic Soup by Pod 4/5 Design was highly commended in the 2011 Unlandscaped awards.

Projects | Tobias Horrocks | 4 Oct 2011

Hargreaves Mall

Rush\Wright Associates hopes this pedestrian boulevard revitalizes the social and economic capacity of Bendigo.


Projects | Ken Maher and Christopher Vernon | 28 Sep 2011

NGA Australian Garden

McGregor Coxall’s Australian Garden at the National Gallery of Australia is a complex and controversial project.

Projects | Adrian Marshall | 5 Oct 2011

Trainshed Way

Hassell’s Trainshed Way shared space provokes questions about the design of such environments.


Practice | Julian Bull | 27 Sep 2011

Share the road

Julian Bull discusses shared spaces, where city revitalization is merged with landscape design.

Book reviews

Review | Cassie Hansen | 5 Jul 2011

Urban Green

The beautiful promenades, residential gardens and open spaces of Europe’s inner cities are the subject of this German book.

Review | Cassie Hansen | 4 Oct 2011

De Urbanisten’s water square

This book follows Florian Boer and his team De Urbanisten as they work on the first water square in The Netherlands.


Projects | Dimity Reed | 6 Oct 2011

Melbourne’s City Square

The City Square is finding its place after years of additions and alterations and not living up to expectations.

More articles

Review | Martin Pell | 5 Jul 2011

Eco-residential school project in India

A team of thirteen built environment professionals spend three weeks in India creating a masterplan for a self-sufficient eco-residential school.

Archive | Tempe MacGowan | 28 Sep 2011

Order of Australia award recipients

Landscape architects Ian Oelrichs and Marion Blackwell were recognized in this year’s Australia Day Order of Australia honours.

Awards | 2011 Unlandscaped Jury | 23 Sep 2011

The Road Trauma Memorial Project

The Road Trauma Memorial by Claire Martin, Rowan McLachlan, Saskia Schut and Tyson Lundbech won the 2011 Unlandscaped award.

Awards | 2011 Unlandscaped Jury | 26 Sep 2011

The Suez Canal: An Excavation

The Suez Canal: An Excavation by Brooke Madill was highly commended at the 2011 Unlandscaped awards.

Review | 28 Jul 2011

Asia-Pacific landscape architects meet

This year’s IFLA Asia-Pacific Congress highlighted richness, diversity and boldness of landscape cultures.

Discourse | Catherin Bull | 27 Sep 2011

From land to landscape, space to place

An excerpt from Professor Catherin Bull’s keynote address at the IFLA APR Congress on Hospitality: Interact with Land.

News | 27 Aug 2011

2010 AILA New South Wales Awards

The 2010 AILA New South Wales Awards were announced on 9 December 2010.

People | Gweneth Newman Leigh | 23 Sep 2011

Profile: National Capital Authority

The National Capital Authority is entrusted to create a place of significance for Australia.

Review | Emily Potter | 30 Sep 2011

Cities for People by Jan Gehl

Emily Potter looks at Gehl’s book on making cities more people friendly.

Review | Cassie Hansen | 2 Jul 2011

Australia’s Remarkable Trees

Author Richard Allen and photographer Kimbal Baker present fify of Australia’s oldest, largest and most unusual trees.

Review | Cassie Hansen | 3 Oct 2011

The Ethics of Earth Art

Amanda Boetzkes’ book explores the development of the earth art movement.

Product | 30 Sep 2011

Outdoor products

The latest outdoor products chosen by the editor of Landscape Architecture Australia.