Landscape Architecture Australia, May 2011

Landscape Architecture Australia, May 2011

Landscape Architecture Australia

Reviews, news and opinions on landscape architecture, urban design and planning.


Mandy Rounsefell, AILA National President.
Discussion | Mandy Rounsefell | 23 Sep 2011

Learning from natural disasters

Mandy Rounsefell discusses how we can learn from the natural disasters of the summer of 2011.


Forests are planted by the local community.
Discussion | Scott Hawken | 24 Sep 2011

Urban forests in the new carbon economy

What will carbon-neutral cities look like? The Regenesis Project in western Sydney suggests that cities will be remarkably greener.


Great Northern Basalt Place by Adrian Marshall
Awards | 2011 Unlandscaped Jury | 27 Sep 2011

Great Northern Basalt Place

Great Northern Basalt Place by Adrian Marshall was highly commended in the 2011 Unlandscaped awards.

Plastic Soup
Awards | 2011 Unlandscaped Jury | 28 Sep 2011

Plastic Soup

Plastic Soup by Pod 4/5 Design was highly commended in the 2011 Unlandscaped awards.

At the street fountain, holes spout water from concealed pipes.
Projects | Tobias Horrocks | 4 Oct 2011

Hargreaves Mall

Rush\Wright Associates hopes this pedestrian boulevard revitalizes the social and economic capacity of Bendigo.


The view to the gallery from the rear of the skyspace sculpture.
Projects | Christopher Vernon and Ken Maher | 28 Sep 2011

NGA Australian Garden

McGregor Coxall’s Australian Garden at the National Gallery of Australia is a complex and controversial project.

The Trainshed Way shared space starts at the entrance of Geelong Railway Station, a heritage-listed 1880s building.
Projects | Adrian Marshall | 5 Oct 2011

Trainshed Way

Hassell’s Trainshed Way shared space provokes questions about the design of such environments.


Intersection of Horton and Clarence Streets in Port Macquarie’s CBD.
Discussion | Julian Bull | 27 Sep 2011

Share the road

Julian Bull discusses shared spaces, where city revitalization is merged with landscape design.

Book reviews

Urban Green: European Landscape Architecture 
for the 21st Century edited by Annette Becker and Peter Cachola Schmal.
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 5 Jul 2011

Urban Green

The beautiful promenades, residential gardens and open spaces of Europe’s inner cities are the subject of this German book.

A detail from the cover of De Urbanisten and the Wondrous Water Square.
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 4 Oct 2011

De Urbanisten’s water square

This book follows Florian Boer and his team De Urbanisten as they work on the first water square in The Netherlands.


Popular coffee shop Brunetti sits on the Flinders Lane edge of the City Square.
Projects | Dimity Reed | 6 Oct 2011

Melbourne’s City Square

The City Square is finding its place after years of additions and alterations and not living up to expectations.

More articles

The team established a makeshift studio in order to create a masterplan.
Discussion | Martin Pell | 5 Jul 2011

Eco-residential school project in India

A team of thirteen built environment professionals spend three weeks in India creating a masterplan for a self-sufficient eco-residential school.

Archive | Tempe MacGowan | 28 Sep 2011

Order of Australia award recipients

Landscape architects Ian Oelrichs and Marion Blackwell were recognized in this year’s Australia Day Order of Australia honours.

"A Walk" is a public permanent memorial combining a central Melbourne space with a system of distributed memorials extending across Victoria.
Awards | 2011 Unlandscaped Jury | 23 Sep 2011

The Road Trauma Memorial Project

The Road Trauma Memorial by Claire Martin, Rowan McLachlan, Saskia Schut and Tyson Lundbech won the 2011 Unlandscaped award.

Speculation – If you turn a delta arm into a drain and if you bleed a river dry to keep a canal in operation, how do you keep the water sweet … for the communities in the “in between” who use these places as food sources?
Proposition – the use of swamps and feeders to filter, represented above by hand beading and stitchwork.
Awards | 2011 Unlandscaped Jury | 26 Sep 2011

The Suez Canal: An Excavation

The Suez Canal: An Excavation by Brooke Madill was highly commended at the 2011 Unlandscaped awards.

The Amphawa settlement in south-west Bangkok.
Discussion | 28 Jul 2011

Asia-Pacific landscape architects meet

This year’s IFLA Asia-Pacific Congress highlighted richness, diversity and boldness of landscape cultures.

Catherin Bull.
Discussion | Catherin Bull | 27 Sep 2011

From land to landscape, space to place

An excerpt from Professor Catherin Bull’s keynote address at the IFLA APR Congress on Hospitality: Interact with Land.

Clarence River Way masterplan by Clouston Associates.
News | 27 Aug 2011

2010 AILA New South Wales Awards

The 2010 AILA New South Wales Awards were announced on 9 December 2010.

Aerial view of Canberra.
People | Gweneth Newman Leigh | 23 Sep 2011

Profile: National Capital Authority

The National Capital Authority is entrusted to create a place of significance for Australia.

A detail from the cover of Cities for People.
Discussion | Emily Potter | 30 Sep 2011

Cities for People by Jan Gehl

Emily Potter looks at Gehl’s book on making cities more people friendly.

Australia’s Remarkable Trees by Richard Allen and Kimbal Baker.
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 2 Jul 2011

Australia’s Remarkable Trees

Author Richard Allen and photographer Kimbal Baker present fify of Australia’s oldest, largest and most unusual trees.

A detail from the cover of The Ethics of Earth Art.
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 3 Oct 2011

The Ethics of Earth Art

Amanda Boetzkes’ book explores the development of the earth art movement.

TomTom letterbox.
Product | 30 Sep 2011

Outdoor products

The latest outdoor products chosen by the editor of Landscape Architecture Australia.