Landscape Architecture Australia, May 2012

Landscape Architecture Australia, May 2012

Landscape Architecture Australia

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A view ascending the Bowen Place crossing path proposed by Lahz Nimmo Architects with Spackman Mossop Michaels Landscape Architects.
Discussion | Nicole Porter | 1 May 2012

Bowen Place Crossing

The National Capital Authority invited five interdisciplinary teams to create a proposal for Bowen Place Crossing in Canberra.

Diagram from AECOM’s winning entry, Earth Central, which saw mixed-use towers and a town centre integrated into the main street.
Discussion | Adrian Marshall | 1 May 2012

Street 11

AILA Victoria’s Street 11 competition, which aims to raise the profile of landscape architecture among local councils.

Bloom – Healthy Spaces

With obesity and depression increasing within the Australian population, are built environment professionals doing enough to prioritize people’s health in their projects?

Farmers’ markets bring healthier food to where people live, which improves the likelihood of healthy eating habits.

Designing for health

Research from health workers can inform landscape and urban design decisions that improve the wellbeing of people.

Discussion | Alison Wicks | 1 May 2012

Designing for Living

Occupational therapists give architects & designers insight to the needs of children, the elderly & people with impairments.

Play – Dandenong Pop Up Park by Aspect Studios
Report | Gweneth Newman Leigh | 1 May 2012

Bloom – Project Themes

Play Outdoor areas that promote free, spontaneous play provide health benefits to children and adults alike. In these environments, children are able to refine important …

The Wiltja nutrition class.
Projects | Emma Wood | 25 Aug 2012

Woodville High School Community Garden Hub

Outerspace, in collaboration have created a community garden that reflects and values of the school in which it’s located in.

The public play space, designed by Fiona Robbe Landscape Architects.
Projects | Julian Bull | 17 Jul 2012

Royal Children’s Hospital landscape

References to natural environments create calm and inspiring places within this new Melbourne hospital.

The rail bridge runs above the Merri Creek and the cycling path.
Projects | Adrian Marshall | 13 Aug 2012

Clifton Hill Railway Project

A new rail bridge, with pedestrian paths, in Melbourne’s Clifton Hill transforms a formerly grimy space into a public park.

Ecosciences Precinct: Courtyards provide workers and visitors a place to talk and eat.
Projects | Jill Franz | 7 Aug 2012

Ecosciences Precinct & UQ’s Resource Centre

Wilson Landscape Architects creates two interior landscapes that improve the health and wellbeing of those who work in them.

Boomerang-like seats cater for large groups and allow individuals personal space.
Projects | Scott Hawken | 23 Jul 2012

Walla Mulla Park

Terragram’s redesign of this inner-Sydney park demonstrates that there is more than one way to occupy public space.

The northern entry to the information pod.
Projects | Tim Smith | 21 Aug 2012

Noosa Junction Station

A Sunshine Coast transport hub by Bark Design Architects, Guymer Bailey Landscape and SKM in the relaxed Noosa spirit.

The Casual Cyclist’s Guide: Melbourne
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 27 Aug 2012

The Casual Cyclist’s Guide: Melbourne

Matthew Hurst writes for the new breed of cyclist – the less competitive and more casual and practical commuters.

Recycling Spaces: Curating Urban Evolution
Discussion | Cassie Hansen | 14 Aug 2012

Recycling Spaces: Curating Urban Evolution

A survey of the transformation of 12 recent projects by Martha Schwartz Partners through illustrations, photos and stories.

Landscaping for Bushfire: Garden Design and Plant Selection
Discussion | Mary Mann | 16 May 2012

Landscaping for Bushfire: Garden Design and Plant Selection

A free publication from Victoria’s Country Fire Authority for architects and home owners to help prepare for bushfire season.

Graceland Cemetery: A Design History
Discussion | Mary Mann | 16 May 2012

Graceland Cemetery: A Design History

Christopher Vernon’s book about one of the world’s best-known landscapes.

Asta outdoor seating.
Product | 15 Aug 2012

Landscape elements

Products from Landscape Architecture Australia 134.

Artist Barry Mitchell's rendering of the proposed Coogee Beach amphitheatre and the background of the new planned environment, 1980s.  The project was completed in 1993.

Bruce Mackenzie: Design with Landscape

Documenting half a century of projects by one of Australia’s most important contemporary landscape architects.