Landscape Architecture Australia, February 2015

Landscape Architecture Australia, February 2015

Landscape Architecture Australia

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Landscape Architecture Australia 145. Cover image: Bay of Islands precinct plan, Shipwreck Coast Draft Master Plan.
Archive | Cameron Bruhn | 2 Feb 2015

LAA 145 preview

Landscape Architecture Australia 145 preview


View to the west over the Wongan Hills to the farm, showing proposed controlled traffic and revegetation strategies as part of an agriculture scenario.

2014 LAA Student Prize: University of Western Australia

Ameliorating Agriculture: Cultivating Biodiversity

Section of Immerse in Time, a fantastical landscape of twists and undulations.

2014 LAA Student Prize: Deakin University

The Metamorphosis of Point Henry, Jillong

Underwater observatory.

2014 LAA Student Prize: QUT

Ridge to Reef: (Re)structuring The Great Barrier Reef

Public infrastructure to decentralize spatial decision-making.

2014 LAA Student Prize: RMIT University

The Elicit Yield Anew Project: Recalibrating Recoupling Morwell

The scale of the surrounding office towers is reduced through the introduction of Corymbia and Eucalypt species, which create a continual canopy throughout the plaza.

2014 LAA Student Prize: University of Adelaide

Canopy City: Adelaide Heat Island Mitigation Strategy


Gardens by the Bay, designed by Grant Associates and Wilkinson Eyre Architects, is sited on reclaimed land in central Singapore.
People | 5 May 2015

City in a garden: Mike Wood

Former Sydney-based landscape architect Mike Wood recently joined Grant Associates’ new office in Singapore.


Oxford Street Park after completion. The project was a collaboration between Urban Initiatives, City of Yarra and Leanne O’Shea.
Discussion | Lucy Salt | 21 May 2015

Converting roads to parks

The challenge of creating new open space where none exists requires lateral thinking.

Mount Kosciuszko. In 1840 Polish geologist and explorer Paul Edmund de Strzelecki renamed the mountain Kosciuszko in honour of the ideals of democracy.
Discussion | Adrian McGregor | 30 Apr 2015

Landscape as a democratic symbol

The name Kosciuszko is deeply embedded in the history of more than one nation, expressing ideals of democracy and liberty.

In Profile

Adam Nitschke is Parks Victoria's Manager of Master Planning.
People | Ricky Ray Ricardo | 31 Aug 2015

Adam Nitschke: new alignments

Adam Nitschke, landscape architect at Parks Victoria, speaks with Landscape Architecture Australia.

Kate Orff is founder and partner of New York–based landscape architecture studio Scape and director of Columbia University's Graduate Urban Design Program.
People | Claire Martin | 14 Sep 2015

Kate Orff: Translating Research into Action

Claire Martin speaks with Kate Orff, founder and design director of New York-based landscape architecture practice Scape.


The Convic-designed Esplanade Youth Plaza is set between giant stands of Araucaria at Fremantle’s Esplanade Park.
Projects | Grant Revell | 5 May 2015

Freo’s “Happy Park”: Esplanade Youth Plaza

Fremantle’s Esplanade Youth Plaza successfully balances youth recreational activities with family space.

Tubular steel spells out climbable words linked to flour milling: wheat, flour, blend and purify.
Projects | Jo Russell-Clarke | 7 May 2015

Writing history: Harts Mill Surrounds

A playspace by Aspect Studios at a historic mill leads the revitalization of Port Adelaide’s post-industrial waterfront.