Landscape Architecture Australia, November 2015

Landscape Architecture Australia, November 2015

Landscape Architecture Australia

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Landscape Architecture Australia 148.
Archive | Cameron Bruhn | 20 Oct 2015

LAA 148 preview

Landscape Architecture Australia 148 preview


A windswept coastal headland in Inverloch, Victoria – both a concrete entity and a setting for personal transformation.
Discussion | Sophie Wilkinson | 28 Apr 2016

A Psychological Perspective on Landscape

Can examining the complex relationship between humans and nature help us to create more meaningful landscapes?


Chris Reed, founding principal of Stoss.
People | Bridget Keane | 22 Apr 2016

Parallel Genealogies: Chris Reed

Chris Reed is the founding principal of Stoss, a Boston-based landscape architecture office.

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The largest and most “designed” of the 2014 plantings took the form of a 2.4-kilometre-long spiral on the site of the former Moe public hospital.
Projects | David Bullpit | 20 Apr 2016

Seeds of Change: Get Sunflowered

A project in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley offers a happy intervention to a region facing serious economic and social challenges.

A plunge pool has been created from a concrete water tank craned onto the site and tiled in mosaics.
Projects | Margie Fraser | 23 Mar 2016

A new rural: Garland Garden

In the inner-city Brisbane suburb of New Farm, Landscapology presents a compelling vision of a new-century rural garden.

On Mischief Reef in the Spratly Islands, 5,580,000 square metres of land has been reclaimed so far in 2015, according to the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative.
Discussion | Lukas Pauer | 14 Jul 2016

Demapping Waters by Design

Exploring the emerging landscapes and hotly contested borders of the South China Sea.