Landscape Architecture Australia, February 2016

Landscape Architecture Australia, February 2016

Landscape Architecture Australia

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Landscape Architecture Australia 149.

LAA 149 preview

LAA 149 preview


At Superkilen a boxing ring “cultivates conflict” in the public realm.
People | Ricky Ray Ricardo | 30 Jun 2016

Cultivating Conflict: Martin Rein-Cano

Martin Rein-Cano is principal and co-founder of Topotek 1, a Berlin-based landscape architecture practice.


Excavated sandstone blocks are used to re-create the pre-colonial landform of the Barangaroo Reserve site, a former shipyard.
Projects | Bruce Mackenzie | 29 Jun 2016

A naturalized landscape: Barangaroo Reserve

Bruce Mackenzie examines the design thinking, vegetation, soil science and collaboration that created Barangaroo Reserve.

Frank Gehry’s Dr Chau Chak Wing Building at the UTS Business School borders The Goods Line to the south-west, attracting tourists to the area.
Projects | Simon Kilbane | 25 May 2016

Walks of life: The Goods Line

Aspect Studios and CHROFI create an elevated, pedestrian-scale linear park in Sydney that maintains a constant level of public life.


The liveliest panel discussion of the conference Participation and Spectacle. From left: Ana Abram, Maj Plemenitas, Cees van der Veeken, Tanya Court and Natalie Jeremijenko.
Discussion | Shannon Satherley | 26 Nov 2015

This Public Life

Shannon Satherley reviews the 2015 AILA Festival of Landscape Architecture: This Public Life.

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Plan of the Glebe Island site. Existing structures to be reprogrammed are highlighted red.

2015 LAA Student Prize: UNSW

Forgotten Industry, Future Form

The Huntsman Chemical Plant Germination Park during the activation phase of the project.

2015 LAA Student Prize: RMIT University

The Space In-Between by John Williams

A concept drawing showing how a new landscape structure affects wind velocity.

2015 LAA Student Prize: QUT

Windscape: Responses to Tornadoes in Oklahoma

Site plan of Wastescape, a project that envisages warm waste water from Torrens Island Power Station being transformed into an outdoor spa experience that will retain and enhance existing ecological and historical elements.

2015 LAA Student Prize: Adelaide

Wastescape by Marguerite Bartolo

Existing conditions at Glen Forrest, Western Australia. The case study area contains significant areas of vegetation regrowth, private habitat conservation and remnant native vegetation.

2015 LAA Student Prize: UWA

A Critical Assessment of Bushfire Risk Mitigation Practice

Prior to 1827, during the time the Wadawurrung tribe called Yollinko Park home, three middens were created on the site. Kardinia Creek was a clean freshwater stream surrounded by rich riparian vegetation.

2015 LAA Student Prize: Deakin University

Restoration of Yollinko Park by Jennifer Dearnaley.

In the central rain garden native sedges and grasses grow from a bed of local crushed granite. Artwork: Weeping Women by Sanné Mestrom, 2014 (sculptures).
Projects | Kate Gamble | 29 Mar 2016

The Ian Potter Sculpture Court

The Ian Potter Sculpture Court at Monash University’s Caulfield campus is a place of stillness and calm.