Genesin Studio

Small interior design and architecture practice. Specializing in hospitality, residential, commercial, retail and furniture.

Genesin Studio approaches the design of space and dwellings with the aim of combining the quality of living in the 1960s and 1970s with today’s luxuries. Keeping designs low-tech while retaining a modernist outlook is a priority for the practice. Ryan Genesin completed a Bachelor of Interior Architecture with Honours in Adelaide, and worked with Hassell after graduating. He then moved to Melbourne where he worked at SJB Interiors with Andrew Parr for a short time, and then with Hecker Phelan and Guthrie (now Hecker Guthrie). After five and a half years in Melbourne working on many projects with these two practices – across residential, retail and hospitality portfolios – Genesin returned to Adelaide to set up his own office, establishing Genesin Studio in mid 2008.

Location: Level 1, 199 Hutt Street,  Adelaide,  SA,  Australia

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